February 13, 2012

Direct Air Family Ties

Last week I got an e-mail that Direct Air was offering Family Ties for the last time.   Made me wonder why they would stop offering a program that they have always said has been a huge success.  Last week I got another e-mail that the program would be extended 48 hours.  Now today I get another e-mail it is being extended 48 more hours, note picture below. 

Keep in mind that none of these monies going towards the Family Ties program is put into esgrow like the actual purchase of tickets.    None of this makes sense? 


Jahn said...

Call me cautious, but this is all very Madoff-esque. Basically pay DA today for an as yet unnamed flight(s)to be provided to me at a future date(s), IF...IF...IF... DA has the seats available? Do i have this right?

SOunds like the death industry and too many of their prepaid burial plans. Implicit in these offers is the assumption that the provider of the service will even be around in the future and what happens when Uncle Buck dies and funeral home has 5 others who bought the farm at the same time? Can you say inadequate infrastructure to handle potential demand? A.K.A. in WPI's Production Management major as a production bottleneck.

DA is starting to behave like Wimpy who will gladly by you Tuesday for a Hamburger today.

So if this is all DA has for marketing, maybe they should engage the city of Worc's marketing geniuses that work out of 101 different marketing depts, often at odds with each other as they compete to maintain their turf.

Mike Obrien (and MR Nemeth?) have this one correct. Combine all the differnt marketing depts into one dept. Problem is I read about this possible plan months ago? The wheels of gubmint turn every so slow? LIke the skating rink this merger plan seems to be on ice, too?

Will, WTH is Rick's letter? S/b an EZ thread. Copy & paste & done? Too much SSDD? :)

Jahn said...

OK let's assume we all agree that Worc. needs NO MORE low income housing to be a "vibrant, liveable" city...what ever that means.

Lets assume Worc currently has 40,000 units of housing. We all know 13% of those 40,000 units are low income housing...so that is 5,000 units of low income housing and lets further assume Worc wants to keep low income housing w/in state guidelines which means a minimum of 10% low income housing.

So all you MCAS wizz kids how many units of middle class (non low income[non subsidized]) housing does Worc have to create to meet the objective of keeping low income housing at 10%?

Well if we already have 5,000 units of low income housing and that is 10% of Worc's stated objective then we would need 10,000more units of middle and upper middle class housing built in Worc to attain the objective...for a total of 50,000 units of housing

Does anyone really see 10,000 units of middle, upper middle, and/or upper income housing being built in Worc? I say that is darn near an impossiblity. Bottonline, Worc is saddled with nothing more than a bleak low income housing future. I mean where the hell is the land to even build that number of new market rate housing units?

Think about it. Numbers do not lie. This city's goose is cooked and 25 years ago two different groups of consultants told the city to back off the production of low income housing. One report even stated the need to and I quote, "thin out" the 3 deckers. SO WTF does teh city do ? It goes on a building spree creatign more low income housing that is even more densely built than 3 deckers are. Not only does Worc go on a low income building spree (past tense), the city has even more plans for more low income housing.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if anybody heard any rumors about PEOPLExpress? It seems like they will start operations again soon out of Virginia, and are looking to fly to Florida, New England, the Great Lakes, and Mid-Atlantic regions on 737-400s... Might be a good chance for Massport to get an airline in Worcester.


Anonymous said...

Peoples Express!!!. I flew them a couple times back in the early 1980's. They were innovative for the time period. A no frills pay for your seat.

The problem w/ these no frills flights back then and today is that they're at the mercy of fuel costs and leasing aircraft if they do not have their own.

You can only operate so long at discount prices before the tortoise catches up w/ the hare.