January 11, 2013

Beth Proko

Had fun at the MassPort meeting.  Alot of pols and business people, including my friend Beth Proko.   Many may know her as the person behind Citizens for Business.   A group, which I think really got residents to understand, more then anyone else, how important our commercial tax base is.  

There are alot of good people in the City of Worcester, like Beth, who are not afraid to put their names and faces out there and state their opinion.  You are all an inspiration.    Especially difficult to do when you know there will be people hiding in their houses, sending out anonymous e-mails making fun of you ...  

That's o'kay.     I actually feel bad for people, who don't have the confidence and courage to stand on their own two feet, putting their name and face behind what they think.    Imagine being a grown man hiding in your house all day and sending out anonymous e-mails to derive some sense of self-worth?

Let me take a minute, however, and tell you about Mill Street Motors.  Two years ago my truck died and I went to her and told Ed and Beth that I need a truck:

  1. that had a back seat to throw golf clubs in
  2. a plow 
  3. a lift on the back for snow blower and appliances
  4. used-no way brand new

A week later I bought this for, I think, $10,000 financed through a local Credit Union.    Two years later, I could not happier.  Thanks Ed and Beth!!!    Keep being the contributors that you are to the City of Worcester!   

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Jahn said...

I kinda sorta was customer who knew the Proko's who ran Flowerland for years way up on Uppah Burncoat St next to what was years ago Andy's Spa. I think it may have been the mother & father though? Not Sure.

I was even driving home one day when what I believe was their family's old homestead crossing Uppah, Outtah Burncoat St right in front of my caaaaaah. Truly a new meaning for the term mobile home as their ranch house found its way to its new site about 150 feet from its old site. Possibly the entire project involved 2 houses?
I think It was the mid 90's.