December 02, 2010

Mount Hope Cowboys

Got this e-mail last week.   I forwarded the e-mail to Phil Niddrie and the team flew out of Worcester today!! Good job Phil and Good luck Mount Hope Cowboys.

Hi Bill,

Can you please help me, I am trying to get my football team of 28 people down to Orlando Florida to play in the National Pop Warner Super Bowl on December 3. We have been unsuccessful in arranging flights. We just hear about your airline/airport and hope you could find it in your heart to help get our boys down to Florida for a chance of a life time.


Mt. Hope Cowboys


tim macdonald said...

That's great!

I'm driving down to Forida with my dad in January and booked a flight back to ORH. The West Palm fight will be very convenient flight and PBI is a nice airport.

Signman said...

Bill. You are a good guy. And thanks phill. Nice job

Jahn said...

Help me out here, I am a little confused.

I never heard of the Mt Hope cowboys so I googled it. It seems They are part of teh Ocean State Pop Warner league and based in Providence.

So they call Worcester looking for help to fly 28 people to Florida on a weeks notice? Just curious exactly what kind of help they were looking for?

I kinda tend to doubt that The Jesse Burkett Little League would call the TF Greene airport Liason (or the TF Greene equivalent of Wild Will Randell) to book 28 passengers on a weeks notice?

Am I understanding this correctly?

Bill Randell said...


No misunderstanding!

Most likely they were not able to book anything until they won their division

Then last second trying to fly Providence or Boston would be very expensive. Not to mention trying to control 28 kids at either airport.

Worcester worked for them financially and stress wise!! Great marketing point for ORH.

I only hope the hell someone there realizes that?


Anonymous said...


You are 110% correct; we were not able to book our flights until we have won the NE Regional Championship. You and your team help kids in need get to the National Pop Warner Super Bowl. Does it matter where the kids are from??? The children from all over are our future, with that said, THANKS to you, Phil and your team for helping make my boys and coaches dream come true. I have been telling everyone about your outstanding service and recommending your airport.

Thanks again!!!!!!!

hoveal said...

OK fine, good luck to the kids.

I just find it hard to believe that Cianci, being the morning drive talkmeister in Providence and the Little Rhodie go to man couldnt pull this off for them or in the alternate that Southwest Airlines, being the powerhouse they are at TF Greene couldnt handle this or the local political machine in Prov couldnt lean on S'west a little. Where there is a will (Wild Will?), there is a way :)

TGIF to all.

I need 3 more days of 40's + weather to finish my outside project. Next week aint looking too good :(

BTW, this is the 1st time I have heard or read of Phil Niddrie in at least a year. Is he still the 1/2 time airport liason now that there's new sheriff in town up on airport hill?

Jahn said...

Last post by Jahn...seems word verification got mixed up w/my name.

<<<<< Kneads spell chex and werd Vera-fookashun chex :)

Bill Randell said...

We are just excited to see people from outside of Central Mass are looking at our airport as a viable alternative.

Jahn said...

So...will Clive or Lady Di step up with a heart warming story on this topic and in keeping with the season of peace & good"Will", maybe Robert Z. ....will....give you an ATTA BOY

OMG word verification is Keith Olberman-esque "UNTINGLE"

Jahn said...

And in keeping with the giving spirit of the season...........taxpayer giving that is...........we need a thread on TIF's............I am not sure I understand this TIF situation correctly as it relates to 180 and 184 Mane st. I need to be enlightened during these dsays when it's dark at 4:40 Pm