February 14, 2012

Family Ties definately the last day?

Just got another e-mail that today is definately the last day? 


Steve Foley said...

They'll just come up with a new name for it tomorrow.

Jahn said...

I too have kinda of wondered about the marketing slogan: FAMILY TIES.

SOme politically correct Cambridge area commie lib socialist is likely to read some kind of pervesion into such a name and next thing ya know Worc Airport will actually have a few 100 people up on airport hill occupying the terminal.......not flying, but protesting.

Will, what kinda reliablity factor would Jimmie the Greek give that DeMoulas Market Basket rumor? Here's to hoping the DeMoulas dont need zoning help and end up getting the treatment that Barry got at Park & Chandler for a possible Stop & Shop back in the 90's.

tim macdonald said...

How about a Whole Foods instead?

David Z. said...

I would prefer a Trader Joe's!