February 28, 2012

Dale Dorman

When I went to Boston College, when of my favorite DJ's was Dale Dorman, I use to go see him whenever he had a live radio broadcast down around BU. Remember once he had a great promotion for a group called Rubber Rodeo.

Actually think I read somewhere that he passed away a couple years ago.   Second was Sunny Joe White, who made an appearance in a movie, but forgot the name in the 80's .  Dale would always start his Saturday show with a song "Wish Upon a Star?".     


Jahn said...

I do hope that poor Dale didnt get too much flack about his last name :(

So in 2days T&G we the have T&G Visions Awards passed out last knight at Mechanics Hall.

So here once again is my complaint about these awards. Evidently all the awards went to peopel(see below)associated with (or employed by?) non profit organizations.

Dr Arthur of UMass

Deb of Mass Autobahn

Matt of Worc Roots Project

Gordie of Icons Museum

Ami of Assabet Tech Sch.

So once again no one associated with or employed by a private sector for profit company won a prize.

What is Worc Roots Project? Must be something to do with replanting trees in Greendales Asian beetle 'hooods?

FWIW, Gordie was (maybe still is) the main man in large Manufacturing co which he grew from a local/ regional co. to a world wide company and he is well known for his philanthropy. Rumor has it his philanthropy is done quietly, humbly, and w/o fanfare, as true charity is best done.

Could this award be deemed discriminatory against private sector for profit companies? i.e. "for-profitist"

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Dale Dorman on V-66 as a VJ as well? Now there is someone who had a face for radio! Could you imagine if Dale Dorman was blogging today? He would have to remain anonymous with a pus like that !!!!!


Jahn said...

Hey, hey, hey come on now; Bill said the dude may no longer be with us. Never speak ill of the dead unless they were politicians, b/c in death pols are still fair game.

David Z. said...


AFAIK, Dale is still alive but in poor health. He was on WRKO-AM back in the day for years doing morning drive. He was lured away by Kiss 108 and was the long time afternoon personality at the station. From there, he was hired as the morning DJ at Oldies 103. When he "retired" from full time at Oldies 103, he continued with a Saturday midday show until poor health forced him off the air. His long time opening, at whatever station he worked at, was a shoutout to his Mom. I can still hear his infamous "Hi Ma" as I type this.

And I believe your memory is somewhat fuzzy about the song "Wishing On a Star" by Rose Royce. It was played every Saturday at Noon on Kiss 108 in memory of the late great Sunny Joe White up until just a couple of years ago. Corporate ownership decided that the tribute should be canned which is one of the reasons I hate Corporate radio.

Anonymous said...

Dorman, that surname has bubbled up a lot in the past little while.

And so has a certain local anonymous blogger.

Is there a connection?

Jahn said...

Hey David, good to see you.

Who remembers Larry Glick on WBZ back in the 60s, 70s, and maybe beyond? My memory is fuzzy too, but I think Larry was on WBZ's
late night show. I dont think it was a listener call in type show. Who remembers? I seem to recall him as a voice of reason and not a blow hard.

David I knew a small retail buiness owner (one man show) who every morning on his coffee break played "Take This Job and Shove it" to the delight of the patrons who sat at his lunch counter.

Steve Foley said...

Is Dale related to Rosalie Tirella's new BFF Claude Dorman?

David Z. said...


Sorry about changing the subject.

I was buying the Boston Herald today and saw a notice that the Worcester Sunday Telegram is going up to $3.00 starting this week.

Claude P. Dorman - Worcester Wonderland said...

I have seen my wicked ways and am about to begin my penance


Claude P. Dorman - Worcester Wonderland said...

great blog Bill...am ready to come back to the Worcester blogging scene as a regular guy and not the creep I have been the past four years...I loved Dale Dorman also...he has the same last name as me...hahahahaha

Jahn said...

Redemption Ctr--108 Canterbury St


And speaking of penance, can I git me a redemption here?

I already broke my Lenten abstinence by posting a negative blog a week or so ago. I need to git me redeemed and my bad habit has to be heeled and I need to get back on the No Negative Blogging Wagon and not fall off until Apr 8th, is it?

A TV in the redemption center confessional? How nice

OMG, a sink too in case Fr O'McGillicudy tosses his cookies when he hears my confession?

Jahn said...

David at $1.50 for the daily Herald ($2.00 on Sundae) I had to give up my mid week Herald(s).

I still do the Sunday one though....which will probably soon be $3.00??