February 19, 2012

Telegram story on Memorial

My god where do you start???  Telegram story:

  •  a quarter of a million dollars in legal fees?  
  • group's treasurer put said contributions were at $850,000 but upon further review said they were actually $1,700,000.    Gee I was only off by $850,000!!!
  • Mr Moschos is comfortable with the spending?  He may be the only one in Worcester.
  • a Boston designer...  We could not find anyone local...  
  • All Pro Productions--isn't that owned by Fred Smerlas?
  • construction could begin in 2014.  Emphasis on could.
We all know this is never going to get built.    Even this one amazes me.   What a shame!!    


Jahn said...

This is a crying shame and if there isnt fraud here, it is dam close. I for one feel de-frauded.

And the absolute brass cahonnes, narcissism, and egos of those who think the peopel in Worc are going to pony up again for this? They already have a memorial on Franklin St.

Worse part is Martah will never touch this one. Instead Martha has her henchmen down on the Cape busting church thirft shops for not properly registering with the state non profit authorities and also for sales tax issues when the thirft shops sell a taxable item such as a set of 59 year dishes that the family of some Deceased Irish Rivera Dweller has donated to the church(es).

I have complained about this memorial fund on here at least a few times over the years, asking where is the memorial? Glad to see Thomas has finally addressed this issue.

I am sorry, but these firefighters have to get over themselves. If a city forester dies when a tree falls on him or a city trash hauler falls off the back of the trash truck, what kind memorial will they get? Can you may a granite stone over on Cambridge St across the streetfrom the old Jonesey's

Y'all think if this monstrocity of a Memorial ever comes to pass that it will be a prevailing wage job? Will IAFF pay/hire union brothers at op $$$ wage? Consultants and lawyers seemed to have hauled in a prevailing wage.

And no has had the perspicasity to ask that as these funds have slowly been depleted over the last decade, WTH the money is going to come from for the actual build out? Talk about the proverbial cash burn/up in smoke.

jAHN said...

And today, Monday, I tuned into both Stoltz & Polito at ABOUT 730Am.......and I have heard nothing on this........maybe I tuned in at tHE wrong time?