February 28, 2012

New York Pensions

I heard this on TV today and foudn the story on-line.  This one confuses and amazes me.  Jahn, look forward to your comments.

Story here


Jahn said...

HEY !!!!!!!!!! WTH am I, a bear up in the woods in Gardner waiting to be baited by Bill the Bucket of Seeds Bear Hunter? Gessssssssssh. If I am the judge, you aint getting out on no freakin' personal recognizance.

Ya know it never ceases to amaze me how these pols come with such creative financing mechanisms.

Bottomline to this is that the states are just doing with their pension obligations exactly what Washington does with its social security & medicare obligations, i.e. borrow from so called trust fund to cover current obligations. However the problem is that once the house of cards COMPLETELY collapses, the states cannot print money to cover their backsides; but Washington can print such money, worthlessly inflated though it will be.

If a private company owner ever did this w/the co's 401k, the subpeona serving sheriff would be on their front door steps faster than the SUV that plowed into the house on Park at Institute.

In a similar vein this morning, T&G reports Fidel McGovern is looking like a neutered politician when it comes to stopping the Post Office Closing Express Mail Train. Seems the post office honchos gave Fidels concerns about the Shrewsbury closing the same treatment that Gov Jan Brewer of AZ gave to Obuma a few weeks ago, aka The Bird.

Fidel claims the closing process lacks tranparency and that some workers may have to travel to Beantown to keep their coveted PO jobs and that's a big change in their lives. I mean come on WTF????? At least some will be able to keep their $25/hr unskilled PO jobs vs drawing unemployment checks. I mean my mailman is a decent guy, but this PO beast should have shed 1/2 its weight 10 years ago. Closing central processing plants aint going to cure nuttin' in long run. The cost structure and logistics of PO delivery operations are such that the only way real way to keep the PO alive is to cut home delivery to twice weekly and/or privatize the entire thing.

Fidel, not unlike Jordan, always likes to attack "the process". Fidel claims "the process" lacks transparency ........HUH.....WTF??? And then there was "the process" used by the democrats to pass the health care bill, all behind closed doors.

Fidel claims he never "took the economics class" that teaches the logic behind the closing...LOL. I am quite surprised to see that Fidel even took an ECO course.

Jahn said...

Then there is the famous mailman song penned by Mr J. Morgan and I qoute it:

"Gee I'm happy, gee I'm gay, cuz i come once a day, I'm your Mailman.

Knock your knockers, ring your bell, gee I hope you think I'm swell, Im' your mailman......."

Enuff of that, as it soon soon morphs from PG 13 to solidly R rated