December 08, 2008

Virgin To Start in Boston

Globe story


Anonymous said...

Oh well, disregard everything I said in the previous thread except for the ORH to JFK route...

Harry T
Worcester, MA

Matt said...

ORH to JFK would be a route for jetBlue that I really do believe could be highly successful. One morning and one afternoon flight on the E190 should have no problem filling up

Anonymous said...

Attn. Silly Bloggers:

Feel free to check out the City Council meeting tomorrow night (07:00pm on Charter cable for those that get it)as the City Council/City clerk's office will be acknowledging the nationwide walk in my son's honor. Kudos to City Councilor Rick Rushton and City Clerk David Rushford and assistant city clerk Mike Monfredo for pushing this through: (Check out 20U near the bottom of the page)

Harry T
Worcester, MA

Jahn said...

Has anyone noticed lately how the term "access road" now has a new meaning in Worcester?

Specifically in re: to the $6M firefighters memorial planned for Institute Park (a complete waste of taxpayer money) and how $3 or $4M of this money will be used to biuld an access road somewhere behind the Grove St fire access exactly what??

Anyone besides me getting tired of some of these firefighters and their ego trips, feifdom building, and squadering of our tax dollars.

And now Kostopoulos almost deifies some of these guys in Sundays T&G..........just like a guy who retires from St Gobain or Wyman Gordon... cant these FF'ers just ride off into the sunset like the rest of us do at retirement.

Wasnt it just about a year ago that we had an incident with a so called dysfunctional FF'er out in Sturbridge and some of the whiners from the WFD showed up en masse b/c one of their own was called dysfunctional. One cant make up this playground, nit picking, child like behavior.