May 17, 2011

E-mail I received

I found both of your email addresses from website. I am a Worcester resident that is excited about the possiblity of flying out of ORH to Sanford, FL in December and skipping the travel, hassle, and high parking fees of Boston or even Providence.

One of my friends, however, just posted a series of status updates to facebook that is making us second guess whether using Direct Air is a good idea. Apparently, my friends were supposed to return from South Carolina on Sunday, but it has taken until Tuesday for them to get a flight home.

The flight was cancelled due to thunderstorms between SC and Worcester. They were told on Monday  that they could not get out, because there are no regularly scheduled Direct Air flights to Worcester and they could not find a plane to use. They finally found a plane, but it had a mechanical issue, so the flight was cancelled until Tuesday.

At some point, they were told, twice, that the problem is that no fflights could land in Worcester due to wether. Apparently, they called the Worcester airport and were told that was not the case, as some flights had been landing.

So, their biggest issue with Direct Air was misinformation. Is there any reason to believe that Direct Air was not telling the truth. Are there any documented times between Sunday and Tuesday afternoon that it would not have been possible to land at ORH?

Any information or opinions that either of you have to help me decide whether to fly out of Worcester would be great.


Anonymous said...

Flight to Sanford just took off @ 2:42 pm


Anonymous said...

2:42 pm whaT DAY?