December 13, 2012

Good point by Jahn

The developers of "affordable" housing have not only gotten hard dollars for their developments, but there are literally millions of dollars of "soft" costs that have been:

  1. insane variances for parking, frontage and just about anything else you can think of.
  2. city owned lots that took year to get title to through Land Court given away through direct negotiations for pennies on the dollars
  3. although I have never been able to confirm, I got to question if they have been charged all the permitting fees anyone else would have been.  In particular water and sewer connection fees

Again let me emphasize for the third time,  there is nothing in the RKG report that recommends the closure of any CDC's or limits the amount of "affordable" housing that can be built in Worcester.  

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Jahn said...

Bill, what is going on at the Verizon/NYNEX/Bell Atlantic/New Telephone & Telegraph building on Chestnut St? Is Verizon still in that building? If not, do they have new facilities somewhere else in Worcester?

I ended up on that stretch of Elm St by mistake when i forgot my one way streets and had to back track. Guess I should vist downtown more often :).