December 15, 2012

TDC (total development cost) per unit

Check this out and pay attention to page 3 the line that says TDC (total development cost) per unit:

  1. 5 May Street    266,538
  2. 9 May Street   414,539
  3. 15 & 17 LaGrange     200,792
  4. Austin Corridor II   355,553
  5. Hadley     514,679
  6. KGH 1 & 2     331,369
  7. KGH 3A    299,610
  8. KGH 3B  365,999
  9. KGH 4  325,995

These are the costs to develop ONE rental units.    If you see nothing wrong with this, then I guess we should simply keep doing it. 


Jahn said...

The true test of absolute insanity is as follows, using 9 May st as an example:

Cost per unit 415,000

2013 assessed
value per unit
(8 years after
construction) 46,000

Nice huh! 8 years after being built the place is assessed at about 10% of what it cost to build. If the CC cant see through this, than a poster on a previous thread is correct, Worc is doomed.

And please let us not forget these dev'ment costs never include permitting, utility hook ups, and city fees that these non profits are given a pass on and as regards 9 May St let us not forget the taxpayer funded sewer upgrade which I am 99% certain was never included in the original dev'ment costs.

elmparkblogger said...


How about giving some details about what is in each unit?

Maybe some data about they sell for as well?

Congrats on this, BTW