December 15, 2012

Worcester Properties

Right now the City already controls the South Worcester Industrial Park.   For all practical purposes they are involved, although they do not own, Mason Street.  In the spring, they will foreclose on 5 May Street.

Add into this the fact the City of Worcester will be taking back countless other properties that commercial property-owners are walking away from.   The City of Worcester will have quite alot of property under their control that will be paying no property taxes. 

The last thing the City of Worcester need to do is take back Wyman-Gordon.... That said if I was Wyman-Gordon, I would write up an offer with the prospective buyer for 10 million dollars and tell the City of Worcester, it is all yours just give me 10 million dollars.

Most importantly what "public use" could possible be used as the reason for this eminent domain?? 

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