April 20, 2008

Boston Fire Department

Must read click here and here . Key line:

"The alleged scam has served to boost one of the fastest-growing areas of municipal finance, pensions."


Anonymous said...

Visited the Youngstown blog and found something that may help the airport on their April 11th entry.

Looks like they aquired a consulting firm Sixtel that deferred all fees until an airline is secured.
If negotiations with Massport fold, maybe this firm could be contacted to secure a private buyer for the airport under the same terms.

my two cents (after inflation)

jahn said...

I read that in Herald the other, too................interesting esp. given we have 600 city employess out on IOD (injured on duty)....that doesnt take into account the so called disablty pensions.

Can someone give me one reasonall the city workers should have a their own workmens comp (disabilty/injured on job) system.........why cant they have the same system that all us non gov't workers have.......whats good for the goose( me) is good for the gander(City 'ees)

Think any Local poitician will ever touch this 3rd rail of local politics........now there's a rhetorical question..........REO's , Breastfeeding ordinances, Yellow Boxes, and useless god dam resolutions.