January 15, 2012

CVS Park and May

Drove by the message board last night and read Express Scripts customers accepted here, which has been up for days.   Now they have a new second message    EBT Accepted here


Karl Hakkarainen said...

This is a corporate message. The weekly CVS flyer has been including this for a while, usually on a page that offers deals on junk food:
Check out the CVS Weekly Ad for this week’s great in-store deals!

Bill Randell said...


I guess the is does the CVS message board in Holden, Auburn or Shrewsbury hve a message "EBT ACCEPTED HERE"

I don' t know that answer either.


Karl Hakkarainen said...

I haven't checked the suburban stores recently, but will do so and report what I find.
What we'd term junk food is eligible for purchase under federal guidelines: Eligible Food Items. You can't, however, buy a live chicken.

Jahn said...

Fear not Mr Karl, soon you'll be able to raise real live chickens right in your backyard and if live in EBT territory ya can have nice little chicken coop right between the your 3 junk cars in the back yard. No permit even needed if it less than 100sq ft???........jus tlike storage sheds under 100sq ft??? :). File under Tobacco Road or Worcestapalachia

And speaking of tabakki, y'all suppose that maybe b/c CVS can no longer sell cigs in Worc, that they in turn have to increase their cash flow by broaden their audienc trying to reel in the EBT crowd. The law of unintended consequences, on the wrong side of Park Ave, nonetheless?

I used to buy my dope at CVS, but no more. I get it all via male order. The weight time at CVS to get a prescription which you ordered 2 days ago by el telephonos is so god dam ++++ing loooooooong that the Common skating rink will operating and frozen over before ya get cashed out at CVS.

Karl Hakkarainen said...

Not for me. I'm one of those job creators. I've got only one junk car. I'm not buying the other two until the Republicans cut the capital gains tax.
By the way, the guys at the post office have seen what you're getting for drugs. They want you to stay away from their sister.