January 15, 2012

Mill Building on Beacon Street

Forgot what they call it but the owners were trying to demo it.  Looks like they sold it to Brady & Sullivan out of New Hampshire. 

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Jahn said...

THe Junction Block district....all the junk ya could ever want :) ......crack, coke, meth, pot want .

It's the general area of the old Lion Distr?

And there was a fellow on here awhile back trying buy up abuildng(s) in that area for an arts district..........more potheads...just kidding ..i think he had a plausible idea but no dinero??

Did anyone read Geo Will today about the 13 yr fiasco of trying to get all the needed approvals to widen and deepen 4 different port cities on the United States SE coast. UN - ++++ing believable.

The widening & deeping has been triggered by teh widening & deeping of the Panama Canal which will allow MUCH larger ships through and these larger ships will be unable to enter 4 diff US east coast ports w/o major excavation work. And What Goe Will fails to mention is that we gave away the Panama Canal (back to Panama?) and was it during Bush's tenure or maybe it had been planned for years.