January 26, 2012

Epstein passes away


Anonymous said...

I'm sure his Mom wrote him a note for the Pearly Gates...

Harry T

My Fine 409 said...

To again steal another's phrase, is it just me or is the city guilty of classism and or racism in the way temporary liquor pouring licenses for usage in our city parks are dispensed (or not dispensed)?

Does anyone know if these summer concerts at Institute Park dispense liquor. I assume not? They still have these concerts?????....right?

This recent decison by the city just smacks of discrimination and maybe 15 years or so ago, I am positive that I was able to buy an Adult beverage at the Summer Nationals?? I am certain my memory is correct, b/c usually in a venue like that I would buy just a soda and this one time I had a brew and i think it was to wash down a sausage & onion carnie sub.

Now imagine if you will that The Hand It Over Theatre wanted to have an open air concert in a city park....maybe even in Memorial Grove in GH Park where years ago they used to have such summertime gatherings. Further imagine that The Hand Over Theatre wanted to pour some wine in the park for the artsy fartsy theatre goers. Y'all think they'd git their wine pouring license? You can bet your first born kid that they would.

And dont even get me going on the the typical Sunday night fallout from the annual August Carribean Festival On the Common.

What if want to skate someday on a cold January evening on teh common skating rink (proposed) and I need a shot of Jack Daniles to stay warm :)

Maybe if the summer Nat'ls Proprietors(s) proposed painting all the Green Hill park trash cans yellow and imbibers were instructed to deposit their nickel cans in the Yellow Receptacles...maybe then drinking would be allowed at Summaaah Nat'ls b/c the dangerous, unsanitary, drinking paraphenalia would be safely deposited in Yellow Receptacles and they would donate the proceeeds from redeeming (at Canterbury) all these nickel cans to Napoleons re- election campaign.

File under: What a paign in ass this city can be. KMA...We'll burn our rubber some else in the future.

All this from the same city that rubber stamps all requests to allow 12 yr. old kids to walk through major, dangerous city intersections solicting Littel League Funding, but 20, 30 ,40, 50, & 60 yr. old car enthusiasts cant handle a brew or two w/o becoming nuisance/danger? Small wonder Worc will always be in the Little leagues

David Z. said...

To My Fine 409 (aka Jahn), And what exactly does this diatribe have to do with Epstein's passing?

Whenever one of "characters" from my past go to the great beyond it reminds me that life passes way too quickly.

Jahn said...

David, i am sorry if I appeared unsympathtic to the passing of Epstein. I do tend to have to go off topic sometimes to make a point. May Mr Epstein rest in peace.

I know you folks will not believe me, but I did not know who Epstein was and when I first read it, for an instant the only Epstein I could think of was Theo, as I am not into celebs, pols, actors, pro athletes and other similarly situated famous people.

You want a real laff, i once thought that Larry The Cable guy was a character on now the defunct Seinfeld 1/2 comedy which i never watched. A year or so ago I discovered who he really is on the history channel.

My empathy for David means dictates that I'll ask Bill to please remove my post to another thread or if not possible then delete it.