January 23, 2012

Lancaster Town Manager


Anonymous said...

BUt I was trying to get myself to the PIP shelter in Worcester...and somebody told me it was at 1398 Main Street..someone else told me to try Dudley Place...I just gave up after a while


Steve Foley said...

I wonder if one of the dancers gave him some roofies. It's not unheard of.

Jahn said...

Wouldnt Saugus be closer to the drunk tank in Lynnfield or Beech Hill in Southern Cow Hampshire? Of course those places cost $$$$$$$$

Nuttin like the small town, Town Manager living in the small town.

Also Nuttin quite like them Revere, Saugus, Malden, Everett, etc. bad boys. Dittos for former RI rep., Ambien Kennedy wheeling around DC at 1:00am trying to drive through dem Joisey Barriers to the great dismay of the Capitol police.