January 29, 2012


Is it just me or does anyone else understand  today's front page "1st Impressions"?   A friggin front page story and pie chart based on the results of 111 people's responses to a Telegram survey asking its readers what major routes provide the the best impressions of the city. 

You got to be kiddin me right?   Front page of the Sunday Telegram....     Maybe the story should be how the Telegram can run a survey and a only get 111 responses?   Makes you want to buy an on-line ad huh?     


Jahn said...

"Is it just me or did anyone else freakin' notice" ... that Sundays & Todays (1-29 & 1-30) Boston Herald has the ENITIRE front page wall to wall Patriots. I mean come on, the country, state, & cities are financially falling apart and the Patriots are front page news a FULL week b 4 game day plus there's an entire sports section and the Pats coverage in the sports section alone probably caused the death of a couple of one hundred foot pine trees with their sports section coverage.

BTW did anyone notice what route into the city wasnt mentioned and should have been listed? Anyone wonder why?

Also not mentioned was the Harry T. Parkway into the city, from Leicester center along Rte 56 with a toll plaza at Hot Dawg Annies and nice fuel efficient coast down airport Hill to Tatnuck Sq.

Another story in the Sunday T&G deals with this absolutely assinine Zero Tolerance horse++++. In this case it was in-school behavior and not drugs or guns or Hot dawg vendors or unshoveled privately owned sidewalks or overgrown Mason Street empty lot(s) or 4 inch knives or blunts or pharmacy dispensed tabbakki products.

My Whoopee J. Philosophy 101 college professor with his tattered, elbow patched corduroy sports jacket would logically ask that if we have zero tolerance, for example, for drugs w/in 1,000 ft of schools then do we have more than zero tolerance for drugs in other areas?

Also in Sundays paper was the Blackstone Valley Corridor delay, the BV nat'l park, and how the Town of Julie wants into BV Nat'l corridor status. I didnt read but a couple paragraphs, but was there any mentioned of the proposed BV Nat'l Museum/Center. I Recall that the proposed site in Worc was torched a couple years ago. If a complete BV Canal District comes to pass in Worc, then IMO the Museum/Center s/b in Worc. BTW I do not advocate for sucha district in Worc.

I was in Auburn last week and inside a business I was at was a sign on the wall:




I am nOT 100% SURE if i got the last line remembered correctlyly , but y'all git the idea of it....right?? Got me to thinking who may have dreamed up that slogan and what locale that does a fair amt. of "sloganeering" it was aimed at. Then on the way home on 290 i chuckled as I drove by the new Polar plant that is 15 inches over the city line into Auburn. Sorry Bill , butt i didnt see any signs saying "LEAVING AUBURN, LAST CHANCE TO BUY BLUNTS AND ROLLING PAPERS :)

Last thing, is my recollection of late correct????.....but my God aint we having a lotta violence so close to DT lately? Blame it on a warm January, as crime in these parts usually tends to trend down in the colder months. Many of those toughen street criminals cant take the winter cold :)...and why am i seeing FEWER peopel pumping gas with short pants or pajamas on this January when it's been 1/2 way warm??

Anonymous said...


Half way down - JetBlue CEO twitted about ORH. We should find out when he plans on visiting and roll out the red carpet.