November 07, 2008

Boston Globe Story on Direct Air

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Steve said...

I was thinking about a monorail to/from ORH.

It turns out Las Vegas just built one and it only cost $150,000,000 per mile. The writer of the article says it should have only cost $50,000,000 per mile.

I come up with six miles from ORH to 290 at Hope Ave - shortest straight line distance.

That would only cost $300,000,000 to $900,000,000.

Let's see, at 10,000 passengers per year for tes years, that's only $9,000 per passenger.

Anonymous said...

I hope you all don't mind me tooting my NostraTEMBENIS horn...

January 10, 2006:

Also April of this year, here was my Whole Foods prediction...

A little birdie told me something just may be up with that , too.

Aren't you all happy to have me blog here on Bill's forum and you have access to my dementia ?!?!?!?!

Harry T
Worcester, MA

Anonymous said...

...Nostradamus ain't got nuthin' on me !!!!

Harry T

Paulie's Point of View said...

web address cut off..Whole Foods is coming to Worcester??

Anonymous said...


It was just a link to my letter to the editor of teh T&G back in April:

Monday, April 14, 2008
Bring Whole Foods to Grafton Street

Before CitySquare or any other downtown development breaks ground, in order to help make sure these projects are successful, you need to have a catalyst to continuously bring all the six-figure earners within a 30-mile radius into downtown.

Granted, the Hanover Theatre and the DCU Center bring people downtown, but only for certain dates and shows. How do you bring high-income earners into downtown on a continuing basis and help serve as a spark for downtown development? Simple, attract a Whole Foods market to the old Shaw’s location on Grafton Street.

The Massachusetts presence of Whole Foods basically consists of a cluster of stores in and around Boston, with Framingham being closest to Worcester, and one store in Hadley. There is basically a 90-mile gap between Framingham and Hadley. Don’t think that Whole Foods would succeed in Worcester? Drive around the West Side or Greendale areas on garbage days and see all the Whole Foods bags being used to recycle. Opportunity knocks, Worcester. It’s time to answer the door.