November 26, 2008

Comments from a Direct Air Passenger

Hi Bill. Despite their call center in West Virginia being nothing but a background music phone number (never did get any person), Direct Air desk in Worcester was well staffed and efficient. The flight was delayed by 45 min due to delays out of Sanford, FL. The flight itself was smooth and comfortable in a brand new jet, leased from Jet Blue (think he meant to say Virgin America).

There were a few empty seats, but probably was at 90% capacity. The flight crew informed and the cabin attendants were attentive. The soft drink offerings were free with munchies having a price attached. Upon landing at Charlotte County Airport in Punta Gorda, FL (about 10 miles from my home in North Port), I quickly discovered there was no jetway. Because the terminal is so small @ CCA, a stairway was used, but who cares when the weather is so nice! Parking is close and free @ CCA. I'm looking forward to my return flight on Sunday morning into Worcester.

Have a nice Thanksgiving holiday!


Jahn said...

Today I am giving thanks for all the ususal things.

The City of Worcester should give thanks to all the non profit colleges & hospital b/c w/o them we'd be in terrible shape. Badgering the geese that lay the golden eggs for "donations" (the euphemism being Pilot Payments) is terrible public policy and a strategic mistake, especially at the same time when we're handing off millions in subsidies to The Hand It Over Theatre.

I caught part of a radio story yesterday afternoon about someone who provides 140 jobs leaving the downtown? Had to exit my car immediately, so I was wondering who they were talking about?

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Silly Bloggahs !!!!

Harry T
Worcester, MA