November 18, 2008

Cape Air to Erie?

Why can't we get Cape Air to provide shuttle service from ORH to Boston with their code sharing arrangement with JetBlue like the do in P-town, Hyannis, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket?

Looks like Erie may be next (to Pittsburgh), click here.


Anonymous said...

Is Worcester willing to pay a subsidy to Cape Air?

Bill Randell said...

Think Worcester would be willing to waive most of their fees which would allow Cape Air to operate with little overhead.

In addition ORH has monies from the DOT Small Community Air Servcie Grant that they can spend on marketing.

Anonymous said...

Cape Air's business plan seems to be after the DOT EAS routes. I don’t think MassPort concessions would be enough to get them to service ORH to the Cape and Islands.