November 27, 2008

Resign From South Worcester Board

Been busy the past couple of days. Closed on a house we built over on Tiverton Parkway and started in a new split off Olean Street. I will put occasional updates on the web, but if you know anyone interested in a brand new split level ranch, three bedrooms, two full baths with hardwoods and granite priced at 259K. Let me know, finders fee of course.

No more building in Main South. Not only is the market no there to make any kind of profit, but even if I did get someone to pay the number I would need would they get a mortgage? In other words the only new construction you will see in Main South will be full of huge subsidies aka low income housing.

Speaking of low income housing, I resigned from the South Worcester Neighborhood Center Board. At a development committee, I was approached by the developers of Southgate Place (Old City Builders), if I was talking bad about the project? Evidently stating facts about a parcel of land that was suppose to be 25 owners occupied townhouses that has morphed into a single building of 25 unit of low income apartments, which none of the abutters want is considered talking "bad". I was then told if I can not support the project then I should stay "neutral", in other words shut up.

I have been on this board too long and it was time for a change so I resigned. As an abutter to this parcel, I will continue to express my opinion about any development near me and I will never be "neutral." Bottom line is that the South Worcester Neighborhood Center is proceeding with a 25 low income apartment building that does not fit into the character of the neighborhood and that none of the abutters support.

Happy T-Day

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