November 07, 2008

Telegram Comments

Two months ago, I started to get some comments on this blog that were quite offensive. As a result I set up comment moderation, which requires me to read every comment before it is posted. After a couple of days, the distasteful comments stopped and I removed comment moderation, but I will do it again if I have to.

Today I was reading comments on the Telegram on-line version, that were horrible. Why does Harry Tembenis need to personally sign off for his letter to the Editor, but the same Telegram allows people to post viscous comments about people on their on-line version anonymously?
The Telegram should 1) install "comment moderation" versus "report abuse" and 2) require people that post comments ,verify who they are and attach their actual name and address.

Why am I surprised? This is the same newspaper, who allows a sitting airport commissioner/chairman write stories about the airport while not acknowledging a potential conflict. If I can stop stupid comments on my blog, you would think the Telegram could do the same?


Mike said...

I have had these same concerns forever. Yesterday I interviewed the T&G web editor, and asked him about the comments, and he seemed satisfied. So I don't know if we're going to see changes there anytime soon.

Bill Randell said...


you should ask him why require a name, address and sign off from the writer for a letter to the editor but not on-line?


Jahn said...

Martha Coakley is clueless ( supposedly) about all the politcal wrongdoing in Boston so what does she do to grab some headlines..............comes out to the Blackstone Valley and busts a Mickey D's for allegedly working 16 & 17 yrs olds beyond 900pm at night and letting them work more than 8 hrs a day .......what god dam joke!!!!!! Fine $3200.

God... my summer job at 16 & 17 yrs old reqiured 9-10 hours a day would be illegal for me work those hours nowadays????

And they say she has aspirations to be gov.???

gnimarf said...

Ever notice on teh front page of every T&G it says "over one quarter million reders daily"

It doesnt say subscribers, it says readers.

So the more dirt you can post on the T&G website, the more people will click on to it and become "readers"....i guess.

As far political types getting hammered on on there make your bed in life....

Anonymous said...

Distasteful? Inappropriate... maybe you otta get a job at the WPD in the thought police dept.
The real issue you have is with those people who don't agree with you. You can't accept contrary opinions.
What sort of democracy do you live in where others opinions are suppressed because you "just" don't like it?
Let people say what they want online. Tasteless or not.
But I suppose you think its ok for politicians and political parties to blatantly lie to the public. That's the real threat.
Get a clue pal.
Ms. Manners

Bill Randell said...


I have no problem expressing different opinions. No I do not like it when politicians lie.

I do, however, have a problem with people who accuse people anonymously. Ms Manners your last post is a perfect example of what I am talking about.