November 25, 2008

Fox News Undercover Tonight

Spotlight on ORH at 10PM. Not on the website yet but I imagine that it will be after 10PM Click here.


Steve said...

It's a little disappointing that they claim millions are spent to keep the airport 'open', rather than correctly stating millions are spent keeping the airport operating at airline standards.

Rich said...

Interesting report, I wonder who dropped the dime. Someone obviously in the know based on the comments on consultant reports.

Jahn said...

Maybe Ch++lie F+rley??

These reports of theft, waste, etc of taxpayer monies will pprob. become more common as this recession runs it course.

People who are not employed in public sector and quasi-public sector are fed up with how the taxpayers money is wizzed away, negotiated away, and out right stolen.

Bill Randell said...

There was nothing new in the report to those who follow this blog.

At the same time how many people truly follow this blog? This report may put the pressure on the City of Worcester to finally put out an RFP to privatize ORH.

Should I call Mr Nemeth and explain the concept to him again?


Anonymous said...

You may have to dumb it down for him, maybe this South Park cartoon can help?

Instead of South park though, we can call it Airport Industrial Park, step 2 could be RFP the Worcester Airport...