November 23, 2008

Chamber of Commerce

Just read Sutner's story again. Q put a comment that the City of Worcester gives the Chamber of Commerce $500,000 per year. Someone please tell me Q is wrong. All of these groups and what do they do?
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Choose Worcester
  • Destination Worcester
  • Central Mass Convetion and Visitors Bureau


Jahn said...

Why do we need 4 different organizations promoting/marketing/selling the city ... each:

a. probably w/diff agendas

b with their own overhead

c. with their own CEO

d. with their own turf

Makes about as much sense as having 7 or 8 different non profit organizations inundating the city with low income housing that is sold for $.40 on the dollar.

I wonder how much this CEO of CVB would make in the private sector if she lost her job tomorrow....i doubt it would be 130,000.............

When is Sutner going to do a piece on the non profit low income housing business in Worcester? We need to turn over a few stones in this area too.

Anonymous said...

Today's piece on the Cent MA tourist board was fantastic. Does anyone think for one second that tourists from Paris would even think 2 seconds about visiting Worcester? This shows volumes about who runs things. The only Parisians who come to Worcester are the Execs from St. Gobain who do a 2 year tour of duty here before they move upward. It is interesting to note that these execs live and educate thier children in a francaphone enclave in Cambridge! They only come to our insular hamlet from 9-5. I have always maintained the reason why we have people who think we can atract tourism is because they have never left the area save for happy Hampton. These groups get a lot of thier funding through the goverment on some level.The salaries are outrageous and It goes on and on and on. If a mid-level mgr. pulled that France trip at Hanover or Unum they would be gone in a second. This nonsense goes on every day but the people who underwrite this crap - the taxpayers, are doing all they can do to stay above water and simply dont have the time or representation to do anything about it. The public is cogent to the size of the goverment they see every day ( Police, Fire, Schools, etc.) but has no idea how huge the quasi-govt. funded world is.

Jahn said...

One of my annual rants.

Why every holiday season do we have to haul a huge pine Xmas tree over city and sometimes suburban streets (depending on where it came from) and onto City Haul Plaza?

Can we plant a tree and years form now it will grow into a huge Xmas tree or maybe we can transplant an entire, large tree one time and that will be it.

This annual fiasco:

a. with a huge, wide load it ties up city streets needlessly, typically on weekends...banging into bridges, traffic lights, and signs;

b. blocks hospital entrances as it passes;

c. ties up city equiupment that could be working elsewhere ( lowbed trailer, boom truck(s), cranes, and the like);

d. costs a small fortune for city DPW labor who are often on overtime perforning this annual, redundant task.

Anyone ever try to get the city to trim the tree in front of their house? Try wont happen. They finally came to my house once years ago after the tree that I had asked to be trimmed actulyy fell on the Jahn-Mobile and all they did was cut the felled limb and just left the other 90% of the tree there to eventually die off.

Not trying to be a Scrooge here.....but it will save 1000's in the future if we just permanently place a tree behind city hall.