October 12, 2008

August 11, 2008 Board Minutes

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  1. no mention of any pending negotiations with Direct Air, which was announced on September 5th, or any other airline.
  2. no mention of status of negotiations with MassPort
  3. no mention of what IMG is doing with the $100,000 that we have spent on them to retain and recruit an airline.
  4. another extension of one year was asked for on the DOT Small Community Air Service grant which was set to expire in September after already being extended for one year.
  5. two photo shoots as reported by ex Airport Director Waldron
  6. Meeting started at 6:45 and ended at 6:51?

From now on I will keep checking the Airport Board minutes, but I am not going to comment on it anymore. I just got to believe that most of the real work is done outside the official board meetings, so reading these is actually pretty useless and a waste of time.


Anonymous said...

You should attend the next few airport meetings and see what is really being said and done and you could report it back here .

Jahn said...

Anonymous...not picking on you here....but Why would one want to attend an airport commmission meeting that lasts 6 mins (?) and/or has no apparent discussion of items pertinent to the airport?

This also goes to a larger city issue and that is the apparent continued inability to fill seats on boards and commissions. Do some feel their input will just be ignored or not allowed to even be heard and therefore opt not to participate. Can we blame them? Just look to the Worc Municipal Research Bureau and their work and their recommendations over the years...everything they have to say to say is just filed and forgotten about.

It's high time the city was run for the best interests of it citizens, de facto stockholders, and the taxpayers......and.........and not run for the best intersts of city labor and employees

First thing the new Super. of Schools should do is clean up the school dept finances by hiring Edu-Clean which is a private custodial service. Afterall, as Mr Monfredo so often says.....it's for the children. It's Time to lose this Caradonio notion of "the family of school dept employees" and this socialistic state idea of lifetime employment for the over paid, underworked, overly entitled, and unappreciative employees. If you're a scholl dept employee and perceive that you are underpaid.....please feel free to join the private sector ........where you'll really be in an awakening and you'll probably come back to Irving St with your tail between your legs beegging to be taken back.

Bill Randell said...


You miss my point. Why would I attend one of these meetings when nothing is discusses. I have no doubt that the airport minutes are accurate, although the ending of the meeting must have been 7:51 not 6:51.

That said either one of two things is happening. 1) Either the real issues that concern the airport are discussed by the airport commission members outside the meetings. 2) The airport members have no idea what is going on with potential airline discussions, MassPort neogitations or what IMG is doing.

Take your pick.


Anonymous said...

My point is if you really think the commission meetings are not following protocol attend a live meeting regardless of six minutes or 60 minutes. Maybe you could ask questions directly to them . You say nothing is discussed. Get a first-hand account

Bill Randell said...


Great idea. Could you go for me, very busy time for me and let me know.

Appreciate the help.



Jahn said...

I just saw a picture in todays paper of 2 large fire trucks apparently those with the booms/bucket lifts that are hoisting a flag for some kind of annual observance.

a. what risk does it pose for 2 large FF'ing trucks to be taken out of service for these ceremonial events?

b. are the folks operating these 2 vehicles on the payroll at the time?

c. how does thsi serve the safety intersts of those who may need the service(s) of these emregency vehicles.

d. who approves this "annual happening"?

e. why do we need to take 2 trucks our service?

f. cant we just run a flag up a flagpole for this observance?

And Fire Chief Dio and other FF'ers worry about fire trucks not being available for (or being impeded from) immediate service b/c an occasional passing train m blocking RR tracks.......then I see this cememony done purposefully....talk about double standards

Anonymous said...



Jahn said...

Rich maybe there is a plausible explanation here and you may be privy to the answers to my questions. If not maybe someone you know does have the answers.

Jahn said...

As re: PILOT payments......seems like 2 times a year this issue rears its head

I have always had the perception...and I stress i dont know for sure....that the colleges all have the city council in their back pockets. I'd love to see the councilors campaign finance reports to see what colleges (if any) contribute to the councilors politcal funding.

And when colleges need things form the city, it's basically ask and you shall receive......be it street closings (WPI and West St)......free/discounted sewer hook ups (Clark Univ).......possible zoning changes or variances......and who knows what else.........

BTW, if i was a college boss, no way in hell would give the city a dime that I didnt have to give, until the city cleans up its budget busting practices like:

a. sick leave policy/abuse
b. IOD abuse.
c. privatize services
d. roll back council wages
e. budget busting pensions
f. re-structure fire dept
g. police details
h. millions of give aways to other non collegiate non profits
i. overbuilding of affordable housing that is anything but afforadable to the city
j. Payroll gate

The city doesnt really have the revenue problem that they claim..........the city has a spending problem.

Frankly, I'd love to see a huge reduction in state aid to the city b/c Worc would then have to clean up its financial house.and if they raised property taxes too much to offset the reduction in state aid......then maybe the citizens would wake up and run some of theses councilors from office

Anonymous said...