October 15, 2008

Direct Air

I am really starting to wonder about ticket sales. Is it just me but is anyone else underimpressed by the marketing to date. Granted there have been some ads in the newspaper and some ads on television, but I wonder how much has been spent of the DOT grant on marketing?

Not Direct Air's fault but people losing 20% of their retirement monies last week are not looking to book trips to Florida. Lets hope we get an update on sales soon.



Anonymous said...

How about getting all the existing businesses up at the airport together and lease the airport to them for say 1-2 years. Private businesses who are familiar with the operations may be quicker to implement changes and turn a profit. Also quicker than a possible long-term search for other prospective buyers. Maybe it would help Direct Air to stay and attract other aviation related businesses if they dealt directly with the people who service them.

Anyways just throwing an idea out there.

Bill Randell said...


Sounds like a good idea to me... Maybe the private businesses up there should put together a proposal?


Bill Randell said...


In fact I amazed how silent the tenants are ORH are.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill for the tip o' the hat.Just figured to throw an idea out there. All those in blogland please feel free to improve upon it,completely change it, or leave as is. My consultation fee is $0.00

Anonymous said...

Denis Leary puts his foot in his mouth...

I'm sure you have probably already heard Denis Leary's comments today:




Ironically, the Worcester, Massachusetts fire department ... IAFF local 1009... Denis Leary's hometown and the site of one of the worst warehouse fires in US history where sadly Denis Leary's cousin died...has raised close to $2000 for the Elias Tembenis Walk for Autism/ National Autism Association's Helping Hands program to give grants to families with Autism. Let's not forget the wonderful work THEY have done:


One of the firefighter's nephews, Robert Williams is one of the 2 walkers doing the cross country journey.


...that and Jenny McCarthy's chapters 27 & 28 in the book Mother Warriors on Gina and Elias Tembenis ... both from Worcester, Ma ... Denis Leary's hometown... what has HE done for Autism?

Sorry to vent, but this really hit home with me, especially where I lost my son to Autism.

Harry Tembenis

Anonymous said...

You're right Bill. It would be good to see the people who actually work and use the airport at a city council meeting giving us a first hand account of the potential of the airport and it's future like Mr Depasquale does for public television. Whether you are for or against $$ allocated to public tv, I admire Mr Depasquale for standing up for his beliefs

Jahn said...

Anonymous, the WCCA CEO definitely stands up for his public TV...........only 1 or 2 small problems........

a. the guy wont put his own money where his mouth is.... if WCCA is so important....do what WGBH does....start your own public TV

b. he's like a Kelly Sq panhandler.......gimme gimme, gimme...with no apparent accountablity as to where the money goes......the guy wants to feed his own habit. .......comm TV on my dime....and dont tell me the guy is a nice guy or that O'brien is busting on him.......the guy has a good gig at good money and now someone is rightfully rattling his cage..........let him go get a real job in TV land working for other than this WCCA....see what kinda money he wont be earning in that new role

Anonymous said...

The money hasn't been officially released to them yet. The Airport Commission hasn't even approved the operation yet!