October 21, 2008

Part 6: Low to Mod Income Housing Projects

Lets move on from Cambridge/Hacker Street.

Before I do, however, let me tell everyone who reads this blog that the South Worcester Neighborhood Center does an A+ job when it comes to human services. Why we got into low to mod income "big business" housing projects never made sense to me. I consistently voted against it and was a big mistake. We should focus on what we are good at and get out of this type of developments.

That said, one would think after Cambridge/Hacker Street, when the South Worcester Neighborhood Center would basically have been foreclosed on and potentially put out of business, except for the fact Holy Cross co-signed, that the low to mod income income housing projects would be over. You are wrong.

Not only has another parcel been purchased with a loan from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts but grants have already been approved. Details to follow.


David Z. said...

This was in this morning’s Worcester Diary by Bronislaus Kush in the T&G.

What scares me about the low to moderate income housing epidemic in this city is the quote “The accomplishments of Worcester Community Housing Resources are many, but, the best still lies ahead,” said Rev. Bachelder, after receiving the award. “The organization is well-poised to address the pressing housing needs of this community well into the future.”

And their Community Loan Fund is now capitalized at $2.2 million, that’s a lot of money to put towards more affordable housing projects in Worcester.

Is it time for another Dick Chernisky Letter to the Editor yet?

Here it is...
Over the years, the Rev. Robert Bachelder, the minister and president of the Worcester Area Mission Society in Auburn, has tirelessly worked on behalf of the needy.

Rev. Bachelder, for example, has pushed for more affordable housing for low- and moderate-income families.

For his efforts on that front, Worcester Community Housing Resources Inc. last week presented the minister with the organization’s first Opening Doors Award.

The presentation was made at the nonprofit’s inaugural Community Loan Fund Investor Appreciation Event, which was held last Wednesday at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences downtown.

About 50 investors were recognized during the festivities.

Rev. Bachelder has been involved with the WCHR since its inception and has worked hard soliciting investments for the organization’s Community Loan Fund, which is now capitalized at about $2.2 million.

The fund provides home improvement, down payment, foreclosure prevention, and affordable housing development loans to eligible individuals living in the Worcester area.

“The accomplishments of Worcester Community Housing Resources are many, but, the best still lies ahead,” said Rev. Bachelder, after receiving the award. “The organization is well-poised to address the pressing housing needs of this community well into the future.”

Paulie's Point of View said...

he is correct Dave Z.

as long as Worcester continues to be a magnet for the unproductive then it will need more housing to accommodate the masses..

Anonymous said...

Paulie just gave me an idea.
How about initiating a program for the "unproductive people" making it mandatory for anyone who is not physically or mentally disabled to work at least 20-30 hrs a week.
For example at the airport they could cut grass, pick up trash, assist with passenger bags when Direct Air starts flying.
It builds a work history for them and frees up time for the skilled workers at the airport to attend to more important duties.

Jahn said...

Dick will have another letter to the editor about Thanksgiving time.

I always enjoy Dick's no non sense & truthful approach to what grips Main South & Worcester.

An editorial writer today was questioning the progress re the PIP shelter relocation-closing.
BTW it apears the PIP solution is Mini-Pip's in our neighborhoods.

Lets have a contest...which will happen 1st............close PIP or Worc center garage demo begins.

Why would Unum sign on with Berkley & City Sq when there are no signs it will even happen soon??

Here's what i am thinking..OK i an Unum .........i sign on with berkley........berk gets the money and starts & completes the demo of the garage...then what??.....does berkely actaully have to startr building immediately after garage demo? Additionally what if unum plans on making their move w/in say 18 months...i think that basically leaves City Sq dead in the........

Gateway park and City Sq are both subsidized with gov't money............gateway with the Worc Buss dev'ment corp and City Sq got a free parkign garage b/c berkley orignaally wanted to build with non unoin labor and Murray went & gave them a free parking gaarge if they agreed to use union labor.........a behind the scenes quid pro qou

So now we got these 2 publicly subsidized projects competing with each other for UNUM??..........

Who does the city council think they are that have any input where Unum ends up. WTF did Worc ever do for Unum except tax tham all the way down to Tennesseee whil giving the Hand It Over Theatre millions in freebies? This whole fiasco reminds me of the mid to late 80's when King Jordan ruled and investors wanted to biuld a tower on Park Ave next to Elm Park...............King Jordan & the council were ballistic b/c he & they wanted downtown to be where the tower was built........fast forward to early 90's and there's the tower on Park Ave, all built, & where it still sits today.

It's almost a bit like the CDC builders except the competition is commercial rental vs residential rentals.

Jahn said...

Anonymous that's prob unconstitutional.....but still a good idea

What makes you think there are actually workers at the airport...workers in the sense that someone actaully does something productive for 7.5 hrs a day ......I am also not so sure how many of them are actaully skilled.....clerical types and custodains IMO dont rise tot he level of skilled...........mechanics yes.......if we really had skilled worker(s) up there........we'd have commercail air service and lots of it

David Z. said...

More grim economic news about Worcester (home foreclosures) in today's Worcester Business Journal Noon Business Update:

Worcester leads in foreclosures

BOSTON - Worcester and Springfield had the greatest number of foreclosures this year, according to a new report from The Warren Group, publisher of Banker & Tradesman.

Worcester (572), Springfield (521), Boston's Dorchester neighborhood (509) and Brockton (452) led the state in foreclosure deeds recorded. The number of foreclosure deeds recorded in Massachusetts increased 2 percent in the first three quarters of 2008 from a year ago. Meanwhile, foreclosure petitions, which represent the first step in the foreclosure process, shot up in September compared to the summer.
Statewide, 9,609 foreclosure deeds were recorded from January through September, up from 5,593 during the same period in 2007. Foreclosure deeds rose 18.6 percent to 798 in September, from 673 in September 2007. Still, the number of foreclosure deeds filed has declined for four consecutive months and is the fewest number of deeds recorded in any month this year. Lenders filed 2,258 petitions to foreclose in September, a 12 percent decline from 2,566 in September 2007. But September's foreclosure petitions were more than double the 943 petitions filed in August and more than four times the 502 petitions in July, according to The Warren Group. The increase comes after a temporary decline that occurred because of a new state law that went into effect May 1. It postponed the first step of the foreclosure process for many delinquent homeowners. The law requires lenders intending to foreclose to give borrowers 90 days to cure a mortgage default.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking more along the lines of the WPA (Works Project Administration) program of the 1930's and 40's designed specifically for unemployed. Could be ground breaking for Worcester and be a cornerstone for the rest of the nation to follow.

Anonymous said...

Saw an interesting segment on the food channel located at Santa Monica Airport. It was about pilots who fly into the airport to dine at an Asian themed restaurant offering dishes not normally served.

Went to the website smgov.net/airport and found they have three restaurants. Neat website.

Thought this might be a good idea for Worcester. Everyone likes to eat. Have an aviation themed restaurant serving breakfast /lunch and maybe an upscale restaurant for business execs who fly in.

Just An Idea