October 24, 2008

Intermission Part 2

Just reread alot of my comments on Low to Mod Housing projects. So far it has been fair and accurate.

Let me say this again the South Worcester Neighborhood Center does an A+ (Excellent) job when it comes to human services--its core mission. Our neighborhood needs this agency.


Jahn said...

Bill, I have to tell you w/o re: to how good of a job SWNC does or doesnt do, we got tooo many social sservice agencies in Worc....esp. in South Worc area.

Good piece in Fridays Globe (I it think it was?....or on the internet??)......the Walmart corporate manager in who overseas donations told the Boston area non profits that basically......there's too god dam many of you..........and it's time to merge/re-structure/or whatever.

I feel the same way about social service non profits in Worc. What exactly does SWNC do that other existing non profits arent already doing for the community...........except that they (other SS non profits)arent based in Main South?

Too many of these social service non profits become someones little fiefdom and every year they (the key man in the non profit) coming banging their tin cup looking for my tax dollars and when the tax dollars that they feel they need dont materialze.....so what do they do........they become developers basically enlarging their reach, their bank account, and their fiefdom

If you think we got too many CDC's......think again.....there's a new kid on the Main South block and this kid sees all the $$$$$$$$ that's been had by the likes of Main South CDC & others and this new kid figures he's entitled to a piece of the pie, too.

I know you got strong ties to SWNC.....but......IMO, Time to shutter this SWNC....they've over stepped their bounds and know not what they do....and when they screw up as they have done at Cambridge/Hacker it's time to terminate their relationship with our tax dollars & donations

MLK Center
Dismas House
Centros Las America
Youth Center
Comm Health Link

Time to centralize these SS agencies under one roof and one CEO with diff. depts under the one roof

Even the Senior center.

Wait until the donations DONT come rolling in this Christmas to all these non profits as they have in the past and/or their funding gets slashed b/c of teh economy. I just got my animal rescue league envelope in the mail.............and given the lack of answers to some of the shenanigans I read about there...I may be eliminating my donation and/or holding it back.

Bill Randell said...


Per usual you are right...

My point was not that social service agencies should not merge, they should...

My main point was that these social service agencies should not be into property development.


Paulie's Point of View said...

it's big business guys..colleges now have degree programs on this stuff..we aint evah going to see the decline mates

I work with some non-profits and am around alot of these chariy groups..it's the in thing within Boston to be associated with them..in my business it is the thang...

Jahn Zona said...

Did they need a zoning variance/special permit for the origal 20 townhouses..........if so..........then do they now have to back to ZBA to change the variance to build 23 apts?

Ho wmany units could go on tat site w/o any zoning approval?

Bill Randell said...


The original plan for owner occupied diplexes never went to the zoning board. It was only presented to the board of directors.


Jahn said...

So are you telling me they paid 500k for the land and had plans for20 townhouse units which units would need zoning variance/special permit.

If so, wouldnt logic dictate that you first obtain the zoning variances, etc before you buy a piece of land that will need a zoning variance for the plans that you have for it?

So are you saying the original plan was duplexes which need no zoning approvals....which then morphed into 20 owner occupied townhouses that still need zoning approval......which then will morph into 23 low income apts.........which will also still need zoning appproval??

SWNC should go back to meat raffles, BBQ's, bingo games, and Fenway park trips and forget everything else..............before they end up destroying the entire organization.and everyone is out of work. How many employees does SWNC have and what are their skill sets?