October 24, 2008


Today editorial--Direct Air Novel Approach?

What is their model? They are a public charter (typically underfunded), that lease planes, to serve secondary airports (utilizing subsidies from the underlying airports) to popular leisure destinations. Typically even the leisure destinations that they are serve are secondary--Sanford not Orlando, St Pete not Tampa, Punta Gorda not Fort Myers.

Novel Approach? What about:

  1. SouthEast Airlines
  2. Hooters
  3. TransMeridian
  4. SkyValue

I am hoping Direct Air is a success, but calling their approach "novel" is far from the truth when there are 4 airlines that I can think of in the last three years that used the same buisness model.


Anonymous said...


If you can find an issue of the InCity Times (October 10-23 issue with the headline 'The Greyhound Issue') check out the 2 covergirls, they are the lovely Vanessa & Vangella Randell !!!
If you want to see THE Bill Randell, check out page 7.

Harry T.

Harry T
Worcester, MA

Steve said...

I'm sure Vanessa was votes most - something in high school. I'll have to dig up my yearbook and check.