October 29, 2008

Rumor Mill

Winn Management of Boston has bought property along Water in or near Chevalier Furniture. Alot of their property is low to mod income. In Worcester they have Coes Pond on First Street and Wellington on Main Street.


Anonymous said...

Since you are passing on rumours, I will pass on that Ho' Farms convenience store in the MCPHS building on Foster St is expected to close at the end of the year.

Bill Randell said...

Too bad nice store.

Jahn said...

Any more news on the rumor that Diamond Chev will be on Rte 20in Auburn come Jan 1st?

I cantt believe it. Imagine a mid sized city of 175,00 w/o either a Ford or a Chev dealership ( or any dealership?) Truly disappointing. What does thsi tell us about what businessmen see for the future demographics of Worc?

And where is our city council? Drafting legislation that will arrest me next summer when I am picnicing in the new pocket park at Pleasant & Winslow St's....all b/c I have a steak knife in my picnic basket.

and ..oh..............also .........it will be left up to teh discretion of the cops as to which knife carrying felon shall be pinched and which one will not be...............and can anyone believe we have at least 2 lawyers on t eh council and the city also has a law dept that would draft such ridiculous legislation.........of course i guess the law dept has to do what MOB tells then just as MOB pretty much has to do what the council wants.

I cant wait until Mr Rishton buys some new steak knives at the Auburn Mall and is busted with when he crosses the line into Worc. This council has clearly crossed the line in the foolishness dept.

As bill would say............I coulnt make this stuff up.......even in my wildest dreams

Gabe said...

Low income housing in The Canal District would be about ten steps backwards. What can we do as citizens to block this and make sure it doesn't happen? Anything?

Bill Randell said...


This is big business in the City of Worcester. Review recent blogs on Southgate Place.

When the neighbors came out in opposition, we were merely circumvented.

Paulie's Point of View said...

"Low income housing in The Canal District would be about ten steps backwards. What can we do as citizens to block this and make sure it doesn't happen? Anything?"

moving so that all is left is no-lo income housing may get their attenion...evidently our leaders have yet to notice the decay taking place in the urban core

Jahn said...

$280,000 per unit for attached townhouse units (almost row house like)

Wonder what that works out to a per sq ft basis.......my guess assuming 1,100 sq ft units...........about $255 pre sq foot..........which is an outrageous amt.Ill bet the private developer could build it for $150 sq ft give or take....plus the private guy can still make a profit on it at that per sq ft price.

Where does all the money go?

Bottome line , there is nothing more expensive than non profit built low income housing........it's truly ironic.

Once again there s/b a bumper sticker:

"Nothing is more costly than low income housing" or

"Worc cannot afford low income housing"

Gabe said...

So what you are saying Bill is there is nothing we can do?

It's funny, a year ago I was so filled with positivity about the city. I hesitate to say this, because I am going to get a bunch of told you so's, but I am pretty fed up.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Wistah Gabe...Welcome to Wistah!