October 10, 2008

Vaction Express

Over the four or five years, we have seen alot of airlines come and go that serve secondary cities like Worcester:
  1. SouthEast
  2. Hooters
  3. TransMeridian
  4. Skybus
  5. SkyValue

During that time, we have seen a couple not only survive but thrive like Allegiant and USA3000. One I always forget--Vacation Express. Imagine direct flights to Mexico, Costa Rica and the Caribbean.


Anonymous said...

I think Paulie and I would lobby for nonstop flights from ORH to New Orleans, LA !!!

Harry T
Worcester, MA

Anonymous said...

Has anyone contacted Sandpiper Air or is Roy Biggins keeping them off the field?


Jahn said...

I was thinking today

1. I sure hope this economy doesnt deter people from their Fla vacations plans thsi winter.

2. Could an unintended consquence of the Subprime/wall St mess be that funding for CDC and Common Grounds type non profit builders actaully dries up or be significantly reduced.........maybe I am dreaming??