February 04, 2009

Garnder Kilby Hammond

From this on the HUD website, to date I know there have been jobs added at the Boys Club but can they be considered new jobs and 300?

Worcester will receive $1 million of BEDI funds and $2.45 million in Section 108 loan funds to assist in the redevelopment of a brownfield site on the 30 acre Gardner-Kilby-Hammond Street Neighborhood Revitalization Project. The project includes the construction of a new Worcester Boy's and Girl's Club facility, the Clark University athletic complex and 80 units of affordable rental and homeownership housing. The Gardner-Kilby-Hammond project is expected to create 300 new jobs for the community. The City will use the BEDI grant and the Section 108 loan for site preparation and environmental remediation. The City expects this project to generate an additional $3 million in other private investment. Total project costs are estimated at $32 million.

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Jahn said...

They are probably mostly constr. Jobs that that end when the work is complete or police detail jobs when they move a house and have to hire cops. The job lasts until the cop get his 5 hours in so he cant get paid for 8 hrs.

Why do the Asian Long Horn beetle crews need police details but the city tree dept doesnt. I guess the poor city tree harvesters lives arent worth as much.

"Make It Massachusetts"........

"Together We Can" (tax Mass. back to the stone ages)

"It's time for Change"

Absolutely amazing how the AMerican Idol mindset is mesmerized by sloganeering.