April 01, 2011

Ban on blunt wraps

Let me give you a little history lesson

  • In the old days if you wanted to smoke pot, you bought your conventional rolling papers (EZ or Zig Zag)
  • People began to like the paper on Cigars like Philly Blunts, Dutchmasters, etc.  A person would buy a cigar, dump out the tobacco, fill it with pot and smoke.
  • The cigar companies then came out with different flavors of cigars.  People  buy the cigars, dump the tobacco, fill it with pot and smoke.
  • The cigars companies said lets save a step (and tobacco).   Why not just sell the cigars without the tobacco thus, wraps were born.
If we ban the sale of wraps, people will either revert to their old ways or go to Shrewsbury, Auburn, Leiceseter, Holden, Paxton or West Boylston to buy them.   

Exactly what does this accomplish? 


Jahn said...

Interesting, I learned something today. Butt, I was thinking, arent cigars about 3/4" in diameter and range from what....6"+ in length. Aint that a whole lotta pot, esp. given how they say the pot of today is far more potent than the pot of the 60's?. Now I know why I saw people this morning in calve high Pajama bottoms with no sox on. They musta bin gittin' an early jump on the weekend.

So do I have this correct, basically no one gets arrested anymore for pot possession, but instead we're going to outlaw selling certain pot paraphenalia in Worcester? Is this limited to only certian retail outlets? Could wrappers still be sold for medicinal purposes only?

Hey, I got a great idea, why dont we outlaw the sale of firecrackers, cherry bombs, M-80s, sparklers, and sky rockets in Worcester? That should make for a more tranquail and peaceful Village of Piedmont on 4th July

TRACEY, TRACEY WHEREFORE ARE THOU? So the snow today got me thinking about the snow make up days issue that was in the news a numbre' of weaks ago.

My recollection was that we were already up to Friday July 1st with make up days and 1 one more snow day would push us to Tuesday July 5th, Monday being a holiday for those of you from Davis Sq.

I musta missed it, but I have heard nuttin' about these snow make up days? There was talk of extended school daize or maybe dewing away with April Vacation ( two lait now?).

Tracey, May I ask, how are these days to be made up? Did I miss the news? Thanx in advance fore taking the tyme too ansir

Bill Randell said...

Oh yeah. it's alot of pot.

reminds you of th eold cheech and chong movies

Jahn said...

Maybe I was slow on the uptake yesterday, but my brain has been snowed in of late and S.A.D. is really setting with these 23 degree spring mornings. (Did you folks know that this time of the year they say is the worse for peopel snapping...go figure...huh) So.....what"s the diff. between a so called "wrap" and so called "rolling papers"?

Mr W.R. Jr., I assumed that what you meant was the ban was just on the cigar wraps. Arent Zig Zags basically wrappers as well, except they're known in stead as rolling papers...or...are rolling papers also part of the wraps proposed ban? Is this proposed ban for all retailers or just for drug stores?

Sorry but the logic really escapes me here? The city council i assume wants to ban wraps b/c they facilitate pot smoking. Yet Zig Zag and EZ Widers are still allowed. Logic please? And isnt pot smoking In Mass. basically legal now anyway?

Hey why dont we ban G-Strings in Worcester and that will mitigate strip club bathroom beatings & kidnappings

Willie.....help me out here. Do I have it right or wrong? How about we just ban Wrap Music instead.

Just one more reason to purchase all your vices in Cow Hampshire and while you're there anyway, might as well pick up a 1,000$ TV ... if'n yore inn kneed of won.

Bill Randell said...


My understand that all stores will not be able to sell blunt wrap style items

You will still be able to see rollinig papers.

The whole thing makes no sense whatsoever.


Mad as Hell said...

Let me put it bluntly. With a couple of exceptions, the city council is a bunch of fucking idiots!

What this accomplishes is telling businesses that Moon Fucking Bats are running this city and set up show else where because Worcester only like junkies (narcan), Minorities (neighbor screwing neighbor) and unemployed losers...