April 24, 2011

Mayor wants incentives for residency

I understand why we want more city employees to live in the City of Worcester, but it really goes beyond that.  We want people, who make money to want to live in the City of Worcester, whether they work for the municipality or not.    Creating an incentive for one group of people really does not make alot of sense and it will not work.   

We need to focus on why people who have chosen not live in the City of Worcester, no matter who they work for, and change it.    Ironically we are working on that right now with RKG on a new Housing Policy that should be ready in the fall.

The current Housing Policy which has seen approximately 100,000,000 million invested into low income housing in the inner-core of the City of Worcester has not worked as evidenced by these numbers.   We need to stop all of these development projects and focus on giving incentives to developers to build market rate housing in the City of Worcester.   I really like the over-used term "build it and they will come."  

The upcoming new Housing Policy that will be done by RKG in the fall will most likely emphasize the need for market rate housing and to pull back on the CDC's developing low income housing.   The push-back from the developers (CDC's) of these low income projects will be huge.

Rather then creating incentives, I say lets listen to RKG this time?


Jahn said...

All Worc. public safety employees s/b mandated to live in Worcester. From nuisnace inspectors and dog catchers to cops and firemen

It's not a money issue, it's a safety issue.

With the average Worc cop pulling in around 100k , what better way to get solid middle class incomes back into Worcester. The Firemen at their 50k wages, plus their side businessses which I suggest are about 90% under the table, plus their wifes who are all teachers would add a real solid middle claSS ELEMeNT TO WORCS DEMOGRAPHICS.

I do realize plenty of these folks already live in Worcester, but how about we start by emptying out those neighborhoods out in Paxton that i hear are loaded with Worcester police. If Paulie can live amongst the tire slashing gangbangers......so can our public safety employees.

As much as Mayor Joes politics are not to my liking, I will give him credit for living Worc's ghetto....However stay tuned when his kids get to school age. Then there's Worc's teachers who not only live in the suburbs, but send their kids to Catholic schools. Ya'all know ths tory I've told before about the former Framingham GM workers who would dare not drive to work in a Toyota or a Honda, lest their tires get slashed by thier pinkie ring, cuban heeled, stright pocketed, pegged pants business agent/union thug boss :) As a former $8 per month dues paying union member, I can attest this kinda behavior.

jahn said...

OOOOOps sorry... I Awl ss meant to say ...Happy Easter to .........nice ......we finally got a 1/2 way decent Sunday, too.

Russ said...

Check this plan being used in Detroit. Doesn't solve all issues but brilliant.:

Detroit will try to lure police with deal on houses

The mayor of Detroit unveiled an unprecedented plan Monday to offer 200 tax-foreclosed homes in two neighborhoods to officers.


Jahn said...

Russ, did you also read in todays T&G how cities like Chicago are razing their high rise, ghetto housing dev'ments, many of which were built in the 40's and 50's.

Great way to thin out the concentrations of low income folks in urban America.

And hey kudos to Robert Nemeth this week.......telling it like it is with all these pols publishing thir hard luck, tough times up bringings....including but not limited to Obuma, Deval, and Scott Brown. Image the "tough time" of getting kid glove treatment on your applications to Harvard and the like, b/c your grades sucked and your SAT's totalled 925 pts. My parents could never afford to send me to Christian Schoool summer day camp.........shall I pen a manuscript about my hard scrablle upbringign b/c I got sent to only Boys Club Camp in Sterling....and there were lizards and salamanders all over the place at teh BC camp and as a result I had life changing nightmares about salamanders crawling into my bed at night. Fil under : Cry my an SSI check for my past mental anguish

And Here's a littel known truth.....those who had "less than perfect suburban upbringings" tend not to discuss such things later in life............not unlike the real heroes of the world who are not given to running their mouths about there heroism....real heroism.....like real charity is done behind the scenes and done quietly w/o fanfare.

Scott Brown is losing points with me each passing day and to steal anothers adage.................Nemeth nailed it today

Anonymous said...

The T&G article commenter "Comnenus" put it correctly when he/she stated, ''stop littering every inch of the city with "Affordable Housing." Middle class workers don't want to be near it.'' What the city does need is single-family housing - not duplexes, not townhouses, but single-family, market-rate housing. However, Worcester may be too far down the slippery slope already to make this a reality.

Steve Foley said...

Does it seem to anyone else that the city of Worcester is driving away their taxbase by encouraging gangbangers to come live in the low-income housing, and now is trying to rid itself of employees by requiring the employees to live with the gangbangers?

David Z. said...

There is already plenty of single-family, market-rate housing in Worcester.

Paulie's Point of View said...

I just spent an hour driving around my hood...the demographics are very worrisome from an investor perspective....everyone just looks so down and out..

David Z. said...


We were driving through your hood this past weekend and we thought things looked better than ever. In fact, my wife and her Dad made a point of saying so while driving through the Chandler St. corridor.

Jahn said...

Paulie did i read in sundays T&G that 47 Mason St is in foreclosure......that wouldnt per chance be that duplex that Worc Common grd built opposite thier 48 Mason St Landfill operation?

Paulie.........So........Ok the warm weatehr is now here.............so............48 Mason is getting cleaned up I assume.......

Jahn said...

David, not relative to how much low income, multi family housing there is in Worcester.

IMO we need to look at %'ages not absolute numbers.