April 17, 2011

Sutner on the Mayor

Story in today's Telegram

The thing I found most interesting, however, was the Chamber of Commerce.  Why?  You have one of the biggest employers in the City of Worcester, Ralph Crowley of Polar, calling the Mayor an "enigma".  On the other hand,  you have the Chamber of Commerce calling him "fantastic". 

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Nick said...

Why not see the chamber's praise as given with an eye toward future work on the business tax rate?

Mr. Crowley's comments on the state income tax show him unable or unwilling to separate the interests of businesses from those of rich people. The Chamber may interpret it's pro-business mission a little more strictly.

Also there could be some thoughts to PR behind the CC's words. Nurses don't strike(!) the most sympathetic figures against mgmt, but when business leaders rail against cafeteria workers they sound a bit too much like Mr. Burns, and command all the attendant good will of such a tycoon.