November 12, 2012

Housing Policy

On the South Worcester Neighborhood Center Board, I opposed the construction of Southgate Place .  We had just lost Cambridge Street , when Holy Cross stepped in and took over the mortgage payments.  

I could go on and on, but read Boston Globe editorial on the gateway Cities Initiative.  It is spot on, read this.   It will take one minute to read it .  Please do.  When I opposed Southgate, the developer from Newton and 50% owner of Southgate Place asked me "why do I hate poor people?"

I bring this up since as we discuss the recommendations from RKG, this same comment will most likely come up again as well as gentrification.    Nothing could be further from the truth.  

Last paragraph of the editorial:  

Affordable housing remains a vital need across the Commonwealth, from Boston to Springfield to Pittsfield. But it won’t bring the upper middle class back to gateway cities, and it won’t create enough new customers for the shops and restaurants that give life to Main Street. At this moment, the ability of the gateway cities to serve their current citizens depends on a larger tax base, and there are signs that higher-income people want to come back to city centers. The state owes its gateway cities programs that help them to seize this opportunity now.

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Jahn said...

OK, once again you cannot make this BS up. A dev'er has proposed a 60 lot single family home subdivision off Burncaot St. The T&G says says this dev'ment has been on and off a few times over the last 20 years.

THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!! just what Worc needs..... single family middle class housing on UUUPPPPAAAAAAAHHH Burncoat St.....HOME OF Worc's great ancient order of Hibernians where every household has on average 1.31 gov't workers :) Big Daddy should live there, too :)

BUT NO !!!!!! WAIT!!!!!!!! all the usual schills are out to stop it by acquiring the 60 acre site so the birds & owls will have place to live.

I mean come on .... WTF !!!!!! JEESSUUSS H Christ almighty.......Worc commits social and financial suicide with its infatuation with low income housing......the city is told time and Again by consultants to back off its insatiable appetite for low income housing and that the city needs to get more Middle income people living here if we can ever expect our downtown and city in general to succeeed.

No one ever complains when 40 low income apts are sited on a 1.5 acre parcel but try and build housing of the type that Worc badly needs to become a real city and all the usual Bozo's are out en force to beat it down. I am not even going to say their names lest I get my a++ in hot water.

Then of course no one asks where the money will come from to buy this site.