November 02, 2012

My friend Paul Collyer on Housing Report

Hola Worcester City Council;

There is a lot happening in District 4 and it is happening privately.....Artie Mooradian has a new project at the ole Sunoco gas station at Piedmont and Main that is going to include retail and foodie (see pic attached)..he also has a new cafe on Main called Straight Up Cafe....over on Park Avenue Wilson Wang is opening his second restaurant at the former Store 16 and in between it and Baba Sushi he is putting in a Japanese garden (see pic below and attached) where there was once asphalt......Ed Hyder is developing on Pleasant Street and on Chandler Street.....EVO & Worcester House of Pizza are incredible new developments and I am turning a former drug haven into a New Orleans style cafe and have been developing quality privately financed housing that is now tenanted by Baba Sushi chefs & bartenders, Boynton chefs and a owner of a downtown cafe by the courthouse....there are many other examples that one can see just driving around- "the times they are a changin'" and it's time that the Worcester City Council take closer notice of these happenings....

The days of private investment being non-existent in District 4 are long gone....there are folks investing and more folks out there willing as long as they hear positive messages coming from city government and those investing about the city's urban core!

The proposed new housing policy makes sense....the city needs more middle class urban dwellars and we as investors need them also.....there are enough safety net resources for the needy in our District 4 neighborhoods-what these folks need are jobs and with our investments and future private investments we can provide these jobs....but we need customers who have jobs and disposable income.

This may be the city's last chance to attract back to the urban core the middle class-the next economic boom is around the corner-the city is ready and so is District 4 to take advantage of this but we need the Worcester City Council putting us in the right position....there are many urban zones around the region that are pushing forward...spending all of our time on more no-lo income housing in an area already doing it's part is not putting us in this's time that the Worcester City Council take the time to closely listen to those who have also been rolling up their sleeves but are reaching into their own pockets to make District 4 a viable exciting place to work and do business.. ...time to listen to those who own and live here, pay property taxes here, own business here over many who don't but always know what's better for the area.

It is a new era, the days of boarded up buildings and empty trash strewn lots are the past-Worcester's urban core can be an exciting place to live and do business in but it is gonna take some common sense thinking and commitment-I know I have made a commitment as have many of my neighbors and fellow investors.


Paul Collyer

Chandler Street Business Association


Eric K. said...

Very well said Paul, keep up the good work!

Jahn said...

Pualie, was this a piece you penned just for this blog or did you actually send that to the CC and /or to each CC individually?

On another topic Sean Sutner has an interesting piece gov't disablity pensions Sundaya T&G ( Nov 4). I Was shocked to read that Although each municipality has to pay these pensions themselves they have no input in to the system b/c it is all run by the state. Are thses pensiosn similar to so called unfunded mandates?

Then after reading this piece I pick up my Boston Herald and there is a piece on Deval PATRICK making the scene at Hurricane Sandy disaster sites. Interestingly enough he has his custom made Mass Emergency Mang't Agent jacket on and its made of all things..... fleece. How interesting, esp. after reading Sutners piece on the disablity ins. system

Big Daddy said...

Sent to city councilors individually as well as others.......not sure anyone is listening tho. None of the at largers spend any significant time in the urban core-having a few pops at Suneys doesnt count....and the District Councilors just hope that the shite doesnt hit their fan-see triage center issue and D5

That this issue still remains a hot button is another example of the City Manager sailing alone........he is on a different level than his bosses.....this time around this report will be debated more because more of us investing are speaking up....not sure the outcome will be different from last report but it will see more discussion.....