November 11, 2012

MassPort to date

Would I have wanted more?  Of course but that said:

  • Rectrix is a huge improvement
  • jetBlue looks like a definate
  • CAT III landing system is coming

Not bad first 18 months under full control and ownership of MassPort. 


jose said...

lets face it, as long as gas prices remains high, taxes, and people remain unemployed, how can any airline commit to worcester with the history? how many airlines are in financial trouble? with AA leading the way. and its not just here in america either. its a world wide issue. its good to see massport making plans for the cat 3 and jetblue making visits here, along with rectrix building its hanger there. the elite airways news was good too, they fly the smaller planes, CRJ 200 aircraft, i think thats a good fit for worcester. but until condition improve for the airline industry and private sector, its going to be tough

Jahn said...

My recollection is the T&G reported this New Cat Landing system is at least 2 and maybe 3 years in the future b/c the permitting alone will take a month of Sundays.

Seems it involves more than just new high tech gadgetry, but will also involve runway changes and additions some of which will extend over into Leicester

Is my memory failing here?