November 19, 2012

MassPort Bid

CAT III ILS & Taxiway Improvements

Contract: W212-D1

Location: Worcester Airport

Opportunity Type Professional

Advertised Date 10/25/2012

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Qualification Due 11/29/2012 12:00 PM

Qualification Location Capital Programs Dept One Harborside Dr Suite 209S E Boston MA

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Description Implementation of a CAT III Instrument Landing System and associated taxiway improvements at Worcester Airport.

Project Manager Richard Bessom

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Scope of Work:

Runway 11-29 is 7,000 feet long and 150 feet wide. At present, Runway 11-29 is equipped with FAA instrumentation referred to as Category I (CAT I) which allows arrivals during poor visibility down to 1,800 feet runway visual range (RVR). Massport has determined that seeking to upgrade ORH’s all-weather capability including needed supporting technical and taxiway infrastructure is a safety and operational priority for the airport. Additionally, access to the Runway 11 end currently requires back-taxiing approximately 3,000 feet on the runway itself. Likewise, this main runway must serve as a taxiway after arrival on Runway 29. New supporting taxiway infrastructure for access to and from Runway 11 is essential for facilitating the installation and operation of a CAT III system. A critical component of this effort is extensive coordination with the FAA given the goal that the FAA will take-over and maintain the ILS/CAT III system once installed and accepted by the FAA. The consultant shall demonstrate experience in several disciplines, including but not limited to, federal and state environmental permitting, aviation planning, FAA regulations, civil, structural and electrical engineering, cost estimating, construction phasing, sustainable design, and community outreach. The scope of work shall include, but not be limited to data collection, aviation industry analysis, computer modeling and simulations, preliminary design, prepare and file all applicable environmental permit applications including a joint MEPA/NEPA review, and conduct public outreach and meetings. Consultant will be required to prepare and assess alternatives to the proposed project including environmental impact assessments with careful consideration to avoidance, minimization and mitigation strategies

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W212-D1 (20.7k) updated Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Jahn said...

A reported $32M project and not one person has asked what the payback will be....IF ANY??

And everyone wonders why govt is so bankrupt?

$32M and an airline might give us 4 flights per week. And maybe another will come along and give us 6 flights per week. Nothing even close to any kind of payoff.

Anonymous said...

The payback is ORH not being closed for good.

Without CAT III the airport is useless to any commercial carrier worth it's weight in spit.

Jahn said...

Anonymous, I am sorry but not closing Worc Airport does not rise to the level of financial payback.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with that. Either close it and be done with it, or upgrade it. As i said the airport is useless for any commercial carrier without it.