November 13, 2012

Soarin with Santa

great event

  • pictures of your children with Santa
  • 100% of monies to a great charity
  • airport Open House
  • meet all the tenants at the airport

More to follow as this all comes into place

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Anonymous said...

Bill, Remember the DJ Air Group?

Look at the bottom of this article. It looks like the same executive who spent all that time up here in Worcester and also in New Haven and Trenton (those were the main cities, right?)...well he brought the DJ Air idea of focus cities with multiple destinations from TTN/ORH/HVN to Trenton via a real airline; Frontier Airlines.

At the time I thought the idea was sound from a business perspective- why wouldnt the millions of people who find these airports most convenient use them if they got the service to a point where you could use it to go non-stop to multiple cities at good fares? (on a related note, im writing this from DC which was such a hassle for me to get to from Worcester...sigh.).

Anyway, I had a feeling this would happen sooner or later. So congrats to Trenton; look at the comments of this article and others to see the cheerful effect it has had in the community.