November 24, 2012

Privatize Parks


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Jahn said...

As re privatization of parks mang't. I just gave these links a quickie read.

My first thought that came to mind was when Bill Weld (I think was?) nuked the MDC out of existence (Metropolitan District Comm.) about 15-20 years ago. Then "Where's Weldo" leaves the governator's office and viola in no time the state forms a new dept called the DCR, the Dept Conservation & Resources....i think it is called? SSDN (Same ++++ Diff. Name). SO now when I wander off the my reservation and end up at Wachusetts Reservior I can watch white Ford F-150 & F-250 pick up trucks continually, aimlessly circling the Reservoir 24/7/365. Dare I ask for what reason, given the Reservior has the Bolyston, the W. Bolyston, The Sterling, and the Clinton police depts surrounding it as well as the Staties? Yup the DCR wants to conserve resources so they just drive around the res. all day hoping they can catch some 1/2 drunken angler fishing w/o a license and daring to relief himself in the woods surounding the res. or worse yet a bunch of drunken WPI frat boyz harvesting them thaaaar selves a big old Christmas tree. And ooooh i forgot there is the ever present danger of someone blowing up the dam or one of the dikes. If someone is of mind to attempt that, rest assured they'll pull it off with or w/o the DCR patrols.