November 05, 2012



1. Develop a program for rehabilitation and renovation of the existing housing supply to address code and maintenance issues and promote environmental improvements tolower annual energy costs. The program should focus on properties owned by income eligible individuals, with a focus on properties constructed before 1940.

2. Restructure existing Federally funded programs (i.e., HOME, CDBG) to focus on home purchase or rehabilitation financing assistance to eligible homeowners and new homebuyers.

3. Develop a Healthy Homes program and commit annual funding to support low- and moderate-income residents for core systems such as heating, roof repair, insulation, electrical, and plumbing.


elmparkblogger said...

a) WCCA and online TV would an excellent way to promote, educate and build up a following for this.

b) there are so many buildings in this category that need lead paint abatement, updated plumbing etc

c) I am told that 3 deckers --new ones anyway --require a fire suppresssion system. What will the rules be now?

Jahn said...

Blogger, the problem is WCCA TV doesnt have a huge following, but any promotion would help. Any time I tune into it, it seems Q is on it so hop back to Fox, Ice Road Truckers, American Pickers, or Swamp People.

FWIW I never lived in a house that wasnt 100% painted with lead paint. After WW2 many of the housing units built with the assistance of fed'l money for WW2 vets were mandated to be painted w/lead paint which is the Cadillac of paints.

No private money (100% private money anyway) will ever build a new 3 decker. The numbers will not work. I dont even think the non profits have built a new 3 decker. Maybe a 2 1/2 family type house but not a full 3 decker. This is based my observations of what non profits have built, but I may not have seen everything they build.

Funny part of re-cylcing in worcester is that all residents are urged to re cycle their trash, but no one seems to have a problem with razing a 180ton 3 decker and then either burying the remains and/or burning the remains. So if it takes 2,000 trees to build a new 3 decker, that's 2,000 more trees that have to be harvested to build a new 3 decker. Then Where will my pet spotted owl live? In Harry T's Tree House?

On another note, it seems to me the last Housing report by Onsite Insite in the late 1980's suggested thinning out the 3 deckers?

And why do we need to have so called observers at the polls today. We got $480.00 (12 hrs @ $40) worth of police protection and observation at each polling place. My polling place is smaller than my Bedroom closet and we got 2 observers there. Please get TF out and get lost !!!!!!! w/o re to if you're a volunteer observer or a paid observer. Observers s/b replaced by remote controlled security cameras that can be monitored from a central location that is staffed with volunteers. Any unpaid, onsite monitors can then feel free to observe Main South, if they are looking for wrongdoing. This is all a crock of bovine fecal matter under the guise of being politically correct.

Jahn said...

Also I meant to say were already have a fire suppresiion system in worc. it is called the WFD

Big Daddy said...

I just.put 'sprinkler system in threedecker...cost me 20k

Jahn said...

Sadly, a whole lotta baloney got re-cycled last night to the detriment of America as I have known it.