November 13, 2012

Housing Study


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Jahn said...

WTAG talkmaster is saying that Coupe Deval will make money available to build 10,000 units of housing nearby to public transportation and commuting hubs. In Worc I guess that would the Union Statin area. The talkmaster then immedailtely jumps to the conclusion that this will be more low income, govt fundedhousing.

Now i didnt catch the entire topic, but did anyone else hear what i heard?

I would assume that by default that if this comes to pass, it will be urban areas that end up with the bulk of these 10,000 proposed units.

I am tellin' y'all City Sq may be in danger of getting subsidized housing to death.

Ohhhh and BTW, the $400,000 bid for brewery equipment in Union Station has been closed and bids have been opened........but the city will only follow through if the lessee can put up the appropriate collateral. Come on!!! .... cut the cow manure!!!!! File Under: More collateral damage to the city's already bankrupt finances

No need to place a retail brewery in Union Station when we already have brown bagger sippers all around the immediate area.