November 25, 2012

Proposed Ice Skating rink at library

I am totally confused.   It was my understanding was that the colleges were going to mainly pay for it???    Can anyone direct me to budget numbers/proposals. 


Jahn said...

My gut tells me that if the colleges and Worc Academy are trolling for city land to build their rink, then they are also trolling for taxpayers in some way, shape, or form to subsidize it. Gotta watch these trojan horses and build a moat around the city;s assets

Let them go build their own rink on their own property w/o any city involvement except for the usual permitting, etc....and it doesnt belong belongs on their respective campus ...the same dam placed that their football, baseball, basketball, soccer, field hockey, etc facilities are. I mean really....Why the hell does a college hockey rink belong anywhere else except near the where hockey players practice, play, fight, drink, and chase the co-eds :)

For 101st time, all these institutions already have nice endowment funds and some or all have vacant land. Just form a joint venture and go build the darn thing.

Nicole said...

The WBDC is currently doing a market study for the hockey arena complex they're proposing on city-owned land.

They have received no permission from the Off-Street Parking Board nor the City Council to buy that land, and (though we have seen preliminary designs) we have been told that those are not final. All of what we have seen of their plans can be found here:

I believe more formal plans might be presented at Building the New Worcester, at the Hanover Theatre, this Wednesday at 5:30pm:

You should attend and ask questions there.

Jahn said...

So those in favor of a new hockey rink in downtown will compete with an existing hockey facilty (DCU Cener) which facility the city owns and gets money from. Why should the city be doing anyone one any favors who wants to build a new rink that will comepete with a rink already owned by the city...which BTW if my memory is correct, the city is currently upgrading to the tune of millions of $$$$$$$$.

Why the persistent theme that a college owned hockey rink belongs downtown? Seems to me that maybe some people stand to benefit by it in ways that we dont yet know?

Make it a 40b hockey rink and put it where Bill suggests the, The South Worc Industrial park.....because I truly doubt the estimated 1,760 jobs that SWIP could geneate will ever happen. Just curious how that estimated job number is arrived at?

It just occured to me that maybe the WBDC is just attempting to market themselves and keep the WBDC in the news???.......kinda like how politicians pass touchy feely kinda laws that are ruled illegal by the courts