November 13, 2012


The night the Council is going to discuss the recommendations from the RKG Report that the market rate housing developments that we need, Dodge Park, is in the newspaper today?

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jahn said...

As William, Jr would say, couple points here.

1. Mr City Councillor says the city made a commitment to people in the Dodge park area to preserve this piece of land as an addition to Dodge Park. I'd would like know when this commitment was made...either a tape of city council meeting(s) or somehting in writing and who in the city made the commitment?

If this commitment was made it had to have been about 8-10 years ago when the dev'ment of this parcel was about to happen again...or...I say agains b/c in the real estate boom of the mid to late 80's it almost happened back then....but unfortunaatley M. Stanley Dukakis's Massachusetts Miracle came crumbling down.

The area residents should consider themselves lucky this time b/c the last 2 proposals were for single family attached homes which are basically duplexes with each side sold as a separate dwelling unit and htis of course would have meant more like 100 units of housing or thereabouts. Singla family attached homes are no longer allowed in areas zoned for single families (last I knew anyway).

2. I had a relative in the nursing home next door to Dodge park and all the years he was there as both a daily guest and eventually as a nresident, he always pointed out how NO ONE every used dodge park. He said it was a shame b/c he recalled his childhood days playing in many different city parks.

So one even knows where Dodge park is, no one uses the dam place, the Asian beetle has devasted the park, and the park is so important no one even bothered to replace the all the trees or maintain the baseball diamond that used to be there decades ago.

Also, increased traffic is not a legal reason not stop a subdivision. This is classic in your face obstructionism.

While we're at it, how about we file a new bill to completely stop all tabakki sales in Worc. so some people can get more face time and ink.