September 01, 2008

City Trash Bags

A business friendly city should reward businesses that sell city trash bags and run it like the lottery. Offer a 1% commission for all bags sold and have a quarterly drawing whereby a business gets a $1,000.


Jahn said...

How about a rebellion by all small proprietors who carry city trash bags....which I believe they make no money on to begin with.

Property tax rate parity with the residential tax rate (BTW... bizz rate is 2x the residential rate for those who dont know) or else the small retail outlets in Worc dont want to carry the citys yellow trash bags anymore.

BTW....i think inventory is hit with personal property tax in Worc and i know its hit with state tax which means any trash bags in inventory (on which you make no money to begin with) are taxed by both the city (i think?) and definitely by the state. Nice huh...make no money on the thing to begn with and then get taxed on them as personal property 2 times

Business friendly Worc...what a ++++ing joke.........with businesses taxed at 2x the rate residences are taxed at..........does any one wonder why business is fleeing Worc & Mass and also why non profits are thriving.

Repeating myself here...and using this worn out analogy.....if McD's acted consistent with the city, a business man buying a cheeseburger at McD's would pay $1.99 yet when Paulies Pajama People (non business owners) walk into McD's they pay only $.99 for the exact same cheeseburger............this is the logic of Worc's property tax system as currently operates and had for years.and again let us not this is supposedly business friendly Worc......who needs business enemies with business freinds like this!

Jahn said...

After thought..........speaking of's our Yellow Box system of collecting discarded needles faring?

How's the volume in this city "business"...weak to non- existent??

How much $$$$ are we flushing weekly to monitor and empty these boxes?

Bill Randell said...


I do not carry them. I don't expect 20% mark-up, but to ask me to carry these, collect monies and forward them to the City of Worcester for nothing I think it ridiculous.

Again not alot of money but how about 1% of sales just to give a store something and a chance to win a $1,000 bucks a qtr is "business friendly".

In the City of Worcester, we love to say terms like "business friendly" without doing anything to make our city "business friendly".


Bill Randell said...

To ask businesses to be no an unpaid tax collector just typifies the lack of understanding what it takes to run a business.

Where is the Chamber on this?

Jahn said...

Chamber is prob smooozing at teh annual Labor day Breakfest...........wonder where it is this year now that the Holiday Inn on Lincoln st is gone.

I am sure Murray And Havana Jim McGovern are there.

How do these pols reconcile their labor friendly stance with bing business freindly and tax payer freindly. their positions are at odds with each other.

Steve said...

Manufacturers can publish a suggested price (MSRP), but if they force people to sell at only that price, they are charged with price fixing.

Why is the city exempt from this law when selling garbage bags?


Can you sell them, but require a minimum purchase?

Can you give them away? Include one free trash bag with each case of the micro-brew of the week.

It would probably make your record-keeping easier if you just picked up a half-dozen packages at the supermarket, and sold them at cost (same cost as buying from the city, but without the added paperwork)