March 21, 2010


I have an idea.   Hanover should sign up the South Worcester Neighborhood Improvement Corporation (SWNIC), is that an oxymoron?,  as a minority partner.  They can they shift the property into SWNIC's name for $1 and get EPA grants for brownfields clean-up without having to pay back a dime since SWNIC is a non-profit.  Once the clean-up is done then shift it back for $ to the Hanover entity with SWNIC as a minority partner (done all the time in the City of Worcester).    Then SWNIC can invest all of their NRSA monies, that they did not invest in the neighborhood, into the project just like Main South CDC is doing with 93 Grand Street.

Then this entity should apply for HOME funds from the City and State,.Mass Housing Partnership and any other entity that you can think of for no-low housing just like all the other development projects in the City of Worcester.  Hell, you can even get monies for parking lots (Hadley), then add in all the variances and fees waivers (water/sewer charges etc) that you can most likely get since it is no lo houing. 

As development starts, they can even build their own sewer substation and run above ground pipes over the Commom.  If any other developer needs to store fill, store it here--nobody will say anything.  To top it off if the City wants them to sign any type of LDA, sign since nobody will enforce it anyhow. Then down the road if things go bad, they can always just ask for more monies.    Obviously I am being sarcastic but sadly none of this is an exaggeration.  This is the way development has been done in Worcester.  

Things are starting to change, however, lets not forget all the mistakes that we have made, hold those accountable who allowed this to happen and support Hanover with market rate housing that attracts people with money to live downtown.  Call it gentrification if you want, I don't care better then pajamafication.


Anonymous said...

LOL ... pajamatrifcation !!! Are you kicking something back to Paulie for using his term?

Great post!

Harry T

gamicant said...

I like that term!!!!!!!. However how about Pajama-fication. Easier to pronounce.

Which also gives me the idea for what is happening to Worceser. Hanover-fication??

How about Hanover builds the commercial property ASAP and erect it in such a way that the residentail component (if any?) can be built on top of it when the demand is there or just build the resideltial space and build out it teh interior of it when the demands warrant it. Something like this feasible? I Just hope it doesnt end up like the condos built in Framingham/Natick along the Golden Mile

Gabe said...


Top notch work Bill.