July 07, 2010

Airport Name

I was thinking the other day, what is the name of ORH??  In the newspaper it is always called Worcester Regional Airport but wasn't there a name change to Worcester-Metrowest-Boston Airport??
Latest Aiport Commission minutes on-line here. 


Jahn said...

I might also add, I am from Missouri re: this airport, too.

I will define success at the airport as when airport neighbors start snarling about jet engine noise at all hours of the day or knight. Jet engines will make some people Blue re: the aeroport

Anyone check the registry of deeds website to see if Worc has in fact transferred ownership to MassPort? IMO shoulda been done on Julio Uno, a week ago. I'll give em a few more days to get it done and up on the registry website. If it doesnt happen very soon, then I'll be asking who actually still owns the place? MAybe MaSSPORT bought the airport business but not the real estate? I'd also be interested in seeing a photocopy of the check from Massport for ...how much was it now??? $3M, $15M, $17M.....??????? Wonder if Massport is waiting for the 3 day right of recission to expire? The third business day wooda bin yesterday. For you Davis Square dudes that's Thursday the 1st, Friday the 2nd and Tuesday the 6th. MMMMMMMM.... does right of recission even apply to commercial real est. transactions??

I wonder if all my Green city councilors like Konnie, Katie, Rickie, and others live w/o air conditioning like I do?

Gabe said...

Hanover Airport

Anonymous said...

"Worcester-Metrowest-Boston Airport," not really doing it for me....

I though the trick in marketing was unique and simple. Example: Google - its certainly unique and simple, it sounds a little silly, and once you hear it you won't forget it - Google is the way to search the web.

How about "Smiley International Airport?" (Bill, I'm sure we could get a once a week flight to/from Toronto to make the International legit?) The Smiley Face is certainly unique to Worcester, it's simple, it's a little bit silly, and who can't help but smile when they say it (and, by association, think of Worcester.)

Eric K.
Worc., MA