July 02, 2010

Crompton & Knowles

Article in the newspaper.    Once the lot is cleared there will be an RFP--guess who will be the winner after a long nation wide search?

Answer--Main South CDC

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Jahn said...

For the time being The place s/b fenced in, kept clean, plywooded if not done already, and mothballed for future commercial use.

It's chepaer for the city to pay the 21E costs and than hand the place off for commercial uses than putting more NOLO housing in there which housing costs the city 13,000PER school aged kid PER year.

Build that god dam NOLO housing in Holden for chrsits sake !!!!! At least teh kids in holdens NOLO housing will havea pool and of all places on Salisbury St. That holden pool still is there on Salisbury st????

When will those in the Montvale District open their pools ( an dtennis courts) for the city kids.............when Hades freezes over maybe.